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How to Change Home Address on iPhone

Are you on the move and need to update your iPhone with your new home address? Don’t sweat it! We’ve got the perfect solution for you here. Let’s get you settled into your new abode with our easy guide on how to change home address on iPhone. So grab a cup of coffee, your phone and let’s get going!


As an iPhone user, you may need to update or change your home address for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, this would be to update the address for mail-in rebates or other purchases, but there is a more general reason as well.

The first step in changing your home address on an iPhone is to understand how the iOS Settings work. On iOS 10 and higher, changing your home address is as simple as a few taps – no trudging through layers of menus here!

We’re going to show you how easy it is to update your address information using the default settings on your device. We’ll also explain which settings apply if you use iCloud Drive, Apple Pay and more.

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Understanding the Need to Change Home Address on iPhone

If you’ve recently moved home, then the need to update your home address may be forefront in your mind. It’s important to make sure all of your online accounts and services are up-to-date with the new address. One of these is your iPhone.

By default, much of the data on Apple Services and iCloud is linked to your current residential address. All places that you have stored in Maps, events or reminders that rely on location services will use this information as a reference point. To get the most out of Apple’s features, you’ll need to update this address and any other necessary information so that it reflects your current location.

This guide goes through all of the different steps required to help update your home address information on an iPhone device. We’ll help explain how Apple uses Location Services, how app developers and websites use it for security purposes and how it stores notifications for events where geography matter — wedding invitations and birthdays for example. You’ll also find out more about the various features associated with using Location Services on an iPhone device once needed changes are made — such as weather articles containing local headlines and destination-specific travel advice in Maps when driving or walking.

We cover everything from setting up a new contact card if no pre-existing card exists, as well as where to indicate alternate mailing addresses; all while keeping only authorized apps accessing private data without permission in mind if needed interactive notifications or prompts appear asking if personal details can be extracted from various connected accounts using third-party applications

How to Set Home Address on iPhone

Using the iPhone’s settings, you can easily set your home address and ensure you always get directions home no matter where you are. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set your home address on an iPhone.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on ‘Contacts’
  2. Scroll down and tap on ‘Add Home Address’
  3. Enter your street address, city, state/province, and zip code
  4. Press the ‘Done’ button when you are finished entering all of the necessary information
  5. Your address will now be saved as your Home location in Contacts within the iOS Settings app
  6. To access directions home anytime, simply open Maps or Siri and ask for navigation to ‘Home’
  7. You can also use your phone number (if available) as an alternative way of accessing home directions from anywhere

How to change home address on iPhone

Changing your home address details on your iPhone is a simple process that can help you keep your contacts up-to-date. Whether you’ve recently moved, changed your address or just want to update the information on your device, here’s how to update your home address on an iPhone.

First, open the Settings app and select the “Contacts” option. Scroll down until you find the “My Info” section and tap that. Find and select “Edit” in the top right corner of the screen, then type in your new address into the “Address Line 1” field. You also have options to fill out additional address lines as necessary for a more accurate representation of where you live.

After entering in all of the information, click “Done” at the top right of this page. Your changes will be saved automatically, so there is no need to manually save them – just exit out of Settings when complete. Congratulations! Your new home address is now saved to your device.

Note that this method might not work if iCloud Contacts is enabled; it instead requires local (on-device) storage for contact details like addresses and phone numbers in order for it to update properly on both devices synced via iCloud — which includes iPhones and iPads alike — so make sure it’s disabled first if needed. Finally, take into consideration that changing an address on any given device won’t automatically sync across all other linked devices with iCloud enabled; one needs to update each device separately when making these kinds of changes across multiple devices within a given Apple ID account setup.

How to change home address on iPhone autofill

If you use your iPhone frequently to share your address with contacts or find directions, it may be helpful to keep your home address up-to-date. You can update the auto-fill information in the settings of your phone in a few simple steps.

To update the home address on your iPhone:

  1. Open the Settings app and tap on Contacts.
  2. Tap on My Info and select Change Home Address.
  3. Enter the new street address into the appropriate fields and tap Done when finished.
  4. Select whether you want to Share My Location for this address as Default or None, then tap Save/Done at the top right of the screen when finished
  5. Your new home address will now be autofilled whenever you go to enter an address into Maps or provide one during a phone call with another contact

By setting up a Home Address on your device, you can save time when filling out forms that often require address information during signup or store checkout processes. Keeping this info up-to-date will also ensure that you’re always able to reach any contacts who might need to locate you quickly, especially in emergency situations where time is of the essence!

How to change home address on google maps iPhone

Changing your home address on Google Maps on an iPhone is quick and easy. All you need to do is launch the Google Maps application, tap the menu button and select ‘Settings’. From here, tap ‘Edit Home or Work’ and then enter your new address in the box, verifying it with an online search if necessary. Once you click ‘Save’, your home address should be instantly updated in Google Maps.

It’s important to note that if you use other mapping services like Apple Maps or Waze, they will not automatically update unless you modify the address with them separately. To do this, launch their proprietary apps, locate their respective settings menus and edit your home address using a similar process as described above for Google Maps.

If you regularly travel between two distinct locations (e.g., work addresses), it may be beneficial to set both those addresses in each app for easier navigation when switching between them. To do this, simply repeat the steps outlined above for each individual location. Having multiple addresses saved can also help with features such as Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) calculations when planning trips from one place to another via car or foot..

Benefits of Setting Home Address on iPhone

Setting a home address on your iPhone will provide several key benefits to make travel, wayfinding and communication easier and more efficient. The address can be used by your iPhone in many applications, including the Maps app, certain location-based services, setting up contacts and others.

By setting your home address on your iPhone, you can easily access directions back to your residence when traveling or for business meetings or other locations. Additionally, you’ll be able to assign contact records to the home address you’ve saved in order to keep family and friends up-to-date with information when you move or relocate.

Furthermore, with a home address stored as data on the phone itself, local searches from within the maps app will show more destinations closest to your home or work addresses for convenience. Many commercial apps use this same home location data for safe navigation such as ride sharing services like Uber and similar apps.

You can also give access permissions of this information to certain family members if desired so they can always find their way back when lost. In addition these settings allow various devices connected via iCloud like an iPad or Macs shared under the same Apple ID account receive travel route recommendation tailored specifically for their current location broadcasted from the same original source –namely the original data stored with your home address on your iPhone device itself!

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Troubleshooting common issues when changing your home address on your iPhone can be a difficult task but with a few simple steps you can ensure that the process goes smoothly. First, make sure your device is connected to the internet. If you don’t have an active data connection, your device won’t be able to update its information and settings. Next, open the Settings app and tap on Mail or Accounts to find the address change screen. From here, you will enter your new home address and save your changes.

You may also need to adjust other settings on your phone related to location services such as Airplane Mode or Location Services. Additionally, there are specialized settings located within individual apps that may need altering in order for those apps to recognize the new home address accurately. Be sure to refer to each app’s documentation for specific directions as each app will be different in terms of change addresses information entries and implementation methods.


In conclusion, changing home address on an iPhone is a relatively straightforward process. All you need to do is open the Settings app and then tap on your name. From there, you can easily access your personal information and update any information, such as home address or other contact details as needed. Depending on what apps you use for navigation purposes such as Google Maps or Apple Maps, your updated home address may take up to 24 hours to be reflected in those apps.
Finally, keep in mind that if you are using any apps that require location tracking, those settings may need to be updated manually from within the app itself so that your device will recognize the changes made to your home address.


It is important to keep your contact information up-to-date in your iPhone Comms App. This will ensure that you are always reachable and that you receive notifications, messages, and calls from the people who need to get in touch with you. Fortunately, updating your home address on the iPhone can be done quickly and easily. Here are some questions and answers about how to change a home address on an iPhone:

Q: Can I update my address on my iPhone?

A: Yes, it is possible to update your address on an iPhone using the Comms App. Once you have accessed this app, select “Contacts” from the Home tab and then select “Edit” from the Contact’s card. By selecting this option, you can edit any of the details of contact like adding or updating your current address.

Q: How do I save changes I’ve made to my home address?

A: After making changes to your home address through the Comms App, just select “Done” at the top right corner of the screen to apply all changes made by you. Once these changes have been saved correctly your new or updated address will be synced across all devices within your account immediately.

Q: Is there a way to add additional addresses?

A: Yes – You can add multiple addresses like permanent ones or office addresses under “Address”. Just tap on “+ Add Address” and enter all necessary details associated with it like street name & number as well as zip code & city into individual boxes at bottom of contact card containing all existing addresses related with it. Once saved successfully your new mailing information will appear in contacts list immediately after completing above mentioned steps correctly.

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