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How To Change IP Address On Windows 8

IP address is the identification of one computer. Learn here how to change IP address on windows 8 due to different technical reasons. 

The ip address is the information that allows one computer to identify the other. They are denoted by 4 sets of numbers and separated by ‘.’. So, why would you want to change something that is needed for identification? There are many reasons like say for instance your ip has been banned from playing at hacking or from a forum for saying something, how do you get back in? Or you might want to use port forwarding. You can do that by changing your ip address. Before going into how to change ip address on Windows 8 you should know the difference between dynamic and static address.

As mentioned above there are two types of address – dynamic and static. Dynamic address changes over time while static address doesn’t. Dynamic address does not require any configuration and an example of this type of address is the address assigned by routers. Usually residential internet connections use dynamic addresses. Static addresses have to be configured and are used by commercial leased lines and servers.

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So if it is a dynamic address it is easy to change.

  • Unplug your modem for sometimes. There is a good chance that you may get a new address once you plug in again. Sometimes it is enough to wait for five minutes but if you are not so lucky then you might have to wait overnight.
  • Usually your computer is connected to the modem via the router. You can instead try connecting the computer directly to the router. Before making the connection, shut down the computer and the modem. Restart everything after the connection is made.
  • Get a VPN or proxy but check to see whether they reliable.

But to change the static ip address is not so easy. The first method is using the command prompt.

  • Go to Start Menu then search and type ‘cmd’.
  • On the command prompt type ‘ipconfig/release’
  • You will get a message after which type ‘ipconfig/renew’
  • You can see the new connections.

If you do not want to follow this method then here is another one.

  • Go to Start Menu and on the search field type ‘Network’
  • From the list select Network and Sharing Center
  • Alternatively type Control Panel and their select View Network Status and Tasks. From that go to Change Adapter Settings. Right click on your adapter and click on properties. You will get the Network and Sharing Center window.
  • Go to View Your Active Network Connection and there choose Local Area Network.
  • On this screen choose Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4).
  • Select Properties and from it the networking tab.
  • Select Use the following ip address and make the changes in ip address, subnet mask and default gateway.
  • Make the changes.
  • Click OK

Whenever you are changing the static ip address ensure that you note down the old address before changing it. This way if things don’t work out you can always get back in. This is how an ip address looks like – . You can change only the last digit so you can change 2 to 10 and it will look like The last number can be anything from 1 to 254. Confirm that your new address is not the same as the router’s ip address. If more than one device have the same ip address then it will not work.

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