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Cool Fonts for Facebook Profile Name

Changes in Facebook profile enhances your profiles look. This article will help you in getting cool fonts for Facebook profile name.

I know that you would have started wondering by reading the question as you would have never considered the existence of such option as anyone hardly speaks about this. All the while when others were busy in teaching you about many other things that you would hardly be doing on Facebook, I wish you can focus on something that gets you unique identity and overnight recognition in your Facebook circles.

There are many personalization setups available by default in Facebook except a few things like the option to change the font face and the size. It would be wonderful if Facebook can give that flexibility, but somehow we are bestowed by the social networking giant yet.

As enthusiasm cannot be confined for long and we, the humans are nourished with creative juices, somewhere, someone would try to break away from the shackles to breathe fresh air. That is why I have attempted to write this article by bringing few tricks of Facebook trades so that you can spice up your Facebook profile with awesome fonts. I am sure that your Facebook friends would be thrilled to see what you have done and you can become their guru by teaching the tricks of the trade.

So far so good, let us see how to change the default font face of the Facebook profile.

Facebook uses Lucida Grande 11px as the default font face and size. After a while it becomes monotonous. Also, Facebook does not allow special characters, symbols, peculiar capitalization, etc., as part of its security feature. Now, by adopting a few simple tricks you can change the profile name into different fonts.

Trick 1 – Download & Install Chrome’s font changer app

If you are a Chrome user then your efforts are highly minimized as you have good apps that help you to change the profile name fonts. Facebook Font Changer is one such app that can be installed on the Chrome browser. Visit the Chrome web store and download this free app and follow the instructions given therein to install it. This app boasts of providing 500 font types which is pretty cool.

Trick 2 – Install Facebook font apps

Alternatively, you can search Facebook itself to find font changing apps. Install them and enjoy the new fonts for your profile name. To do this, first log in to your Facebook account and visit the Apps center. Search for font changers and install the right app.

Trick 3 – Use Character Map

This is pretty simple to do for Microsoft Windows users. Click on Start menu and select All Programs. Then select Accessories and System tools. Here you select Character Map and choose the font style that you wish to have and type your name by using the font. Now copy the name and paste the same in the Facebook profile. You could now see the new font replacing the default font of Facebook.

A Word of Caution

Facebook does not allow you to change the profile name more than 4 times. If you do so your profile can be withheld by the website. Keep this in mind before you attempt to change the profile name.

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