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Hosted Exchange : A Quick & Hassle-free Way for Enterprise Email Solution

Hosted exchange email solution is a tool provided by Rackspace and Microsoft Exchange. This article will tell you about the hosted exchange email solution.

While coming across a plethora of startups and small scale businesses on a regular basis, we generally observe the need for enterprise email solutions by almost every company.

Whether it is about effective business communication or personalizing email experience, enterprises tend to prefer a self-hosted and fully governed email solution rather than relying on free email services such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail etc.

And it brings no surprises to us when we hear most businesses buzzing about Microsoft Exchange Server, being the most adapted solution for corporate email hosting and management. Reasons for MS Exchange being the ‘hot favorite’ for enterprise email solution are quite predictable too. Here are some of the main pros of MS Exchange.

  • Tens of millions of users are deeply hooked to ‘Microsoft Outlook‘ as their desktop email solution for years.
  • With Windows Mobile OS command a significant chunk of new age Smartphones along with Blackberry and iPhone, mobile based email is fast becoming the ideal way of checking out and responding to email conversations on the go.
  • With Outlook Web Access at disposal, enterprise users access and manage everything from their web browser itself, with instant updates to the desktop based Outlook.

But managing a self-hosted exchange server for business communication needs isn’t feasible for everyone, mainly because of financial constraints. Self-hosted Exchange Server asks for maintenance of IT infrastructure, which is tough to bear, especially for small businesses and startups.

Solution ?

Externally Hosted Exchange . There are several hosting services, Rackspace being one of them, which provide Microsoft Exchange Email solutions, hosted on their web servers.

As widely known brand in web hosting solutions, Rackspace strikes the chord with added advantages such as :

  • E-mail with your domain
  • Web based control panel
  • Rackspace’s fanatical support
  • All email conversations go over secure HTTPS connections with the latest SSL encryption techniques.
  • Ability to send email attachements upto 50 Mb file size and many others.

So, if you are one of those entrepreneurs/businessmen looking for a viable email hosting solution for business communication requirements, don’t forget to consider externally hosted Exchange solutions.

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