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How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S2 Tmobile T989

If you want to root and hard reset your phone then learn here how to hard reset samsung galaxy S2 Tmobile T989

What could be more painful when you are playing your favourite game and your smartphone hangs in between? No doubt Android smartphones have facilitated us with lot more possibilities and provided an extra pace to normal phone functionalities with rapid fast processors and huge onboard RAM.

Phone manufacturers are devoted to delivering even more quickly processing smartphones every next day. But during system processing our phone encounters exceptions which it is unable to handle and cause it to hang. Although the application developers pay extra attention to handle all the runtime exceptions but it is an act of unwanted acts which is hard to catch correctly. When a buyer wants to buy a new phone he/she definitely checks the specifications in terms of Processor and RAM.

When your phone is in hanging the state then either you wait for it to be normal again by keeping it aside for some time or the other alternative is to give hard reset. Although within the device settings we have the option to format or master reset all the phone data but the hard reset is performed when you are not able to access the phone menus or your phone is hanged.

Samsung Galaxy S2 has super fast 1.5 GHZ dual-core Scorpion processor with 1GB on board RAM and 16/32 GB storage space. Like any other Samsung variants Galaxy S2, T989 has managed to attract a large customer base and in talks with buyers over the time.



Today we are sharing with you the steps for how to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy S2 T-Mobile T989.


Let’s continue with the few steps which will help your Samsung Galaxy S2 Mobile to come back to the normal state from prolong hang state.


Samsung Galaxy S2 T989

Please make sure that you have already backed up your important data or stuff safely because this hard reset will erase your phone memory data and applications. However, data on your external memory card will remain unaffected.

Let’s assume, unfortunately, your Samsung Galaxy S2 has got hanged.

Now follow the below steps:

1. Firstly try to shutdown or power off your device with the help of the power button.

2. Now take out the battery from the back and insert it into the battery slot.

3. Now while re-starting the phone keep your power button and volume minus button pressed until your phone starts and then leaves the buttons.

4. When your phone starts, you will be presented with a new type of window which you might have not seen before. It is called as Bootloader screen and contains various options like ‘Recovery’,’Simlock ‘,’Fastboot’,’Clear Storage’.

5. Volume up/down keys will enable you to scroll through the options and power button to make a choice.

6. In our case scroll to the ‘Clear Storage’ option using the volume up/down keys and confirms the choice using the power button.

7. Now your phone will be off once again and start it usually.

8. Congratulations you have successfully performed a hard reset on your Samsung Galaxy S2!

In case you own any different mobile device and above mentioned steps for hard reset are not working for it then keep checking variously internet or blog sites where you can find you +device-specific actions.


Steps for hard resetting, other options may vary from device to device so don’t take it as a concrete set of steps to hard reset any mobile handset. As a precautionary warning in case of any damage happen to your mobile we should not be blamed so proceed with your own decision if you think so.

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