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Google experiments on replacing training videos with VR

Medical professionals have been using VR for quite some time now. Surgeons have used it for practicing surgery. Moreover, VR has a lot of positive feedback on this. VR has raised the bar of training workplace skills in several fields. Therefore, Google now is also experimenting with VR training sessions for its new joiners. And the results are good. In fact, Google training in VR might become the norm.

Google has decided to bring in the fun back into training sessions. The Daydream Labs, a subsidiary of Google is conducting this VR experiment. The idea is to see whether the trainees are able to learn better with the help of watching videos or wearing VR headset and going through the simulations. Results so far are promising. It turns out that VR, in fact, does better when compared to traditional way of training the new hires. Google training in VR would add more benefits.

Google training in VR

In this hypothetical experiment, two groups were put against each other. The task was to make a better coffee in a timed bound manner. One of the test subjects took training from watching Youtube video. Whereas the other donned the VR headset. The results have brought in cheers for the VR enthusiasts. As it was noted that the person who used VR took less amount of time to complete the task. Moreover, also made fewer errors when compared to the one who hooked himself to a youtube video. Google training in VR already has some solid proof of its better usability.

This one test has crowned the VR as the winner. And as the winner takes all. Google training in VR could become a norm. Moreover, it is a sure path for the education industry to invest more in VR. The experiment is an indication of how useful and impactful VR training can become for real life situations.

However, all is not rosy either. VR has limitations. Number one being the inability of VR to address the issue of stimulating senses like heat, and pressure. This could mean a dangerous recipe for disaster. Moreover, in the simple task of making a coffee. A subject is not trained to assess the heat dissipated from the coffee maker. Further, there is no training to apply appropriate pressure to make espresso. Google training in VR needs to address these issues as well in future.

The training is not going live on any workplace as of yet. However, it has provided a rock solid evidence that it can do better than the rest. It might send ripples across the industry. In time, more and more such training will take place. The others will chip in as well. Once seemed like a distant dream. Training can become a fun factor again.

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