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Google launches Blocks for simplifying VR content creation

In a bid to simplify content creation in VR, Google has launched its platform called Blocks so that people are able to conceive a better picture while building VR content.

Google already has a VR painting app called Tilt Brush. It is one of the best tools out there in the app market which provides some of the finest tools to create VR objects. To further amplify its contribution in VR technology. Google has come out with Blocks which will take a step forward in enhancing the ability of the creator to visualise the process of development. These tools are specifically for the virtual reality medium content.

This app is free for use at this moment. The devices on which it is available are HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The app blends the simplicity of Tilt Brush with Blocks ability of 3-D object modelling. Moreover, it lets the creator flaunt their creation on the web with ease. The process duration of conceptualising and putting it on the front of the audience minimises. The user can export and share these 3D objects with comfort.

One concern which plagued the VR titles was their inability for lack of visual treatment. It took a lot of processing power to render the most basic experiences. This is where Blocks comes in to kick out these limitations. It allows the developers to make simple polygonal objects in short time. Moreover, taking it out into AR of VR apps that developers are currently working on.

The app is targeted towards the serious but novice artists. Who wants to build basic VR for apps. It is not meant for a full blown professional artist. However, the benefit of Blocks stands out as a useful addition to VR creation. Many would be eager to use it in their VR projects.

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