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Google Introduces The Feed : An AI based Utility to Show You Relevant Content

Google Now has been existing for around four years now and has been the core of mobile browsing experience. It offers relevant content to the users based on their choices and interests. Over a past few months, Google has been trying to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into its old school product Google Now and has now renamed it to ‘Feed‘.

The Feed has been a component of Google Now since December 2016 and mainly focuses on content like videos and articles that blend with your interests and enhance your surfing experience. Google Now’s algorithm displays the information on the basis of the things you follow. However, the incremented version will now use your Google search history and Chrome browsing history to deliver the content that will make better sense to you. Also, with feed, you can follow certain specific topics from your searches. For example, if you search for ‘Tech Show: Not Just Startups‘, you can find up-to-date information about the show within the feed. The same principle applies for various other topics including movies, politics, etc. Basically, the feed would be able to pull out information which is notably new, but it will display information pertinent to the user.

The Google Now branding is soon going to vanish and get replaced by the Feed. The User Interface will now showcase a series of cards that match your interests. In a demo at San Francisco’s office, a product manager’s feed included articles about the Oakland Athletics, an article about the Tour de France and a 10-month-old blog post about a classical musician who she had previously seen in concert, which shows their capabilities of digging through the internet and surface relevant content for the users. 

Instead of just hurling a news article, the Feed will provide multiple sources for the same news and give users an option to choose. At least for now, Google has decided to not put any ads on the app. It hopes that people will open the Feed app as many times as they open Facebook or Twitter.

The feed will appear in the Google app on both Android as well as iOS.

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