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Google Chrome to automatically block irritating ads soon

On 1st June, Google declared that they are planning to introduce a new ad-blocking tool which will come pre-installed in their Chrome browser. These ads agitate the users and deteriorate their web browsing experience. However, Google has decided to give their publishers at least a time of six months to formulate themselves for the new ad-blocking tool.

Google is going to introduce a tool, “Ad Experience Reports” to let their publishers know regarding which of their ads have a chance of providing a poor experience for their users. Also, Google is going provide solutions to fix various issues that may arise. However, a sturdy confirmation and acknowledgement of all the plans has not been received yet.

A basic list of objectionable ad types introduced in March included pop-ups, auto-playing video ads with sound and “prestitial” ads that countdown before displaying content. Rather than a blocker, this new feature introduced by Google is an advertising filter. Chrome already has extensions to block pop-up windows. It also warns users if the content they are trying to access is malicious. However, the new tool will help the publishers to filter irritating ads which ruin user experience and pave a way for them to quit using the site.

Blocking of annoying ads though come up as a relief for users, it may intimidate a fundamental source of revenue for publishers. Since publishers need to be compliant with ad standards put forth by Coalition of Better ads, small publishers, who have a limited authority over the ad-types it can accept, may struggle. 

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With this policy, Google will have greater dominance over which ads get blocked online which will help them to triumph over other ad blocking tools offered by various companies. Also, Google Chrome is preferred by over 60% devices worldwide which gives them a further boost.

An updated version of Google Contributor, a tool called Funding Choices will also be commenced by Google. This will help them to overcome the problems occurring due to other ad-blocking companies. If publishers enable this feature, users with ad-blocker on will be presented with a prompt which will allow them to either turn off the ad-blocker or pay for a pass that removes the advertisements entirely.

You can expect this feature to roll out in early 2018.


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