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OpenDNS Vs Google DNS Performance

Choosing the right DNS is a tough task and affects browser performance. Get an idea on OpenDNS vs Google DNS performance over here.

Google DNS was launched in December 2009 on the official Google Blog. It is basically a freely provided Domain Name System in order to make the web faster and considered as the largest public DNS service in the world. The major advantages of using Google DNS include speeding up of browsing experience and a tremendous improvement in the security. On the other hand, OpenDNS is also a free Domain Name Server, which helps users perform safe and faster browsing on the Internet while protecting the user from malware at the same time, but it was launched much before Google DNS in 2005.

Speed is of great significance to every person using the Internet on his or her browser and it is a proven fact. Due to this reason, technical personnel constantly continue to make new advances in this area. Both Google DNS and OpenDNS help to increase the browsing speed, but it is OpenDNS which provides such features to the web users that makes web browsing faster and more reliable, without involvement of any cost. The assurance by Google that their product is the best does not sound very convincing as the company is known for its advertising features and tracking users personal data for their research purposes.

Google DNS vs Open DNS

Google DNS lacks customized features, which Google DNS has. Moreover, Google DNS does not perform any blocking or filtering, which gives an edge to OpenDNS as it performs these functions. Open DNS offers to its users a reliable network, content filtering, Phishtank, Phishing Protection, site blocking of unsafe/unreliable sites, domain blocking and typo correction.

To conclude, Open DNS win over Google DNS is in reliability, speed and security. Since its launch, Google DNS has not made any major announcements whereas on the other hand, OpenDNS constantly has been adding various features to their features and services. As an exception in some cases across India, some experiments, though have shown that Google DNS performs better in terms of speed than Open DNS. The fact that which one is faster or ensures safer browsing than the other is still sometimes a debatable question.

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