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Google 2017 I/O conference: What to expect next?

Every year, Google brings together the best developers around the globe to have an insight on the next generation of technology. Here is what Google announced in its 2017 conference.

The number game

The organization’s CEO, Sundar Pichai announced that nearly 2 billion people today use Android. According to him, 8000 million people around the globe are using  Google Drive followed by 5000 million who use Google Photos.

Artificial Intelligence

The major theme of the conference was AI. Google announced that its next product Google lens will make your camera analyze what you are looking at. However, they also announced that the next generation Google products will have a layer of artificial intelligence. 

This is an initiative to make Artificial Intelligence better. will share tools as well as research papers with the rest of AI fraternity.

Google Assistant

The Google Assistant similar to Siri of an iPhone has now taken a step further. Instead of speaking up your query, you could just type it and you will be answered. The user will feel privileged by this when he is in a crowded environment. Moreover, the Google assistant’s SDK will be soon in the market that will allow you to have transactions as well as connections with all of the Google devices. Also, the Assistant is going to learn new languages soon!!

Replacement of Siri

Google has stepped their game up by launching the Google Assistant for the iPhone too. This means you will able to use both iPhone and Android phones in a similar way. The only setback Google will face is, they can’t be the default voice of an iPhone.

Google Home v2

The Google Home device just gets better with the proactive assistance that will nudge you when a notification or suggestion arrives. You will be able to call people using the device, thus intensifying the competition with Amazon too.

Google Photos: A step forward is taken here by allowing you to print photo books, and providing facial recognition for sharing an album.

Android O

Google has introduced a new version of Android as a beta version, this will boot faster, have more battery life, and will be more secure. However, the official name is still not announced.


The best ever news for programmers. For now, instead of using Java you can use Kotlin, which is claimed to be easier and modern coding language.

Android Go

The new Android Go is intended for the developing countries and cheaper phones.

Google Tango

 The reality computing platform by Google, will now allow you to localize yourself inside malls and buildings.

Google for Jobs

This will be a service that will help you find jobs around your localities. Since Google is a search engine, we had expected this from it.


Thus, the annual conference of 2017 addressed by Google marked a significant impact on the IT industry. The company has also taken a step ahead of its rival companies such as Apple and Amazon.

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