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Google lens will enable the smartphone cameras to not just capture images but understand them and act upon them


At Google’s I/O Developer Conference, the new technology known as Google Lens was displayed by the CEO Sundar Pichai. The central Idea behind this spectacular product is to enhance the Google’s AI technology and computer vision so that it brings tech smart directly to the consumer’s phone’s camera. The company further iterates, that the smartphone camera could not just see what the consumer is seeing, moreover it will also understand and help the consumer to take action.

Google used this new technology to point the camera of the smartphone onto an object and the phone gives back information related to the object. The attributes are identified and the result shows whether it is a flower that the user is going to begin to shoot. Moreover, Sundar Pichai displayed to the audience as to how the lens could do a common task. Such as connecting to the Wi-Fi network at home by simply taking a photo of the sticker on the Wi-Fi router.

While doing this, the Google Lens could identify that it was looking at someone’s network’s name and the password. Moreover, it enabled an automatic option on the app to click a button and connect to the Wi-Fi network.

In one more example a photo of a business’s store front was taken and the Google Lens could source the rating, name and many other business information that one would find while searching on Google.

This technology clearly demonstrates that it turns the camera of a smartphone from that of a passive tool to a completely action oriented utility providing service. All that can be captured from the viewfinder of a smartphone’s camera is now adding interactivity and taking the experience of consumer to a whole new level.

The demo also showed the possibilities of adding it to the existing Google Assistant app. By a simple click of a button the users will be able to launch Google lens and interact with the Assistant by taking a photo.

In a simple display by Scott Hoffman, the command to add data from a photo to Google Assistant is as simple as it can get. To add an event to the calendar you simply need to take the photo of that event and ask Google Assistant to add it to your calendar and it is done.

Some other aspects of Google lens is to help with translations. If you are traveling to another country it can come really handy. Moreover, Sundar Pichai showed off how the algorithms used in the program helps to enhance photos. As an example, if you take the photo of a child with a baseball bat the background is cleaned so that the baseball bat is the focus. Taking pictures at dark locations get easier as Google Lens automatically clears the pixelated and blurry images.

At last, the company didn’t come out with the launching date for Google Lens. However, they clarified that it is arriving pretty “soon.”

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