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Gmail was down (again) but it’s fine now – Top Trending News

Here are the top trending and interesting news from the world of technology… 

Gmail was down (again) but it’s fine now

Logo of Gmail on a smartphone..image source: Flickr

Barely 24 hours after Google services witnessed a global outage, several users on Tuesday reported that they are facing problems in accessing their Gmail accounts. Google confirmed about the outage at 1:30 PM pacific time. By Google’s own admission, the outage lasted till 4:00 PM pacific time. While Google is expected to investigate the matter, it is pretty much confirmed that this latest outage was too at the global scale.


Twitter will shut down the Periscope app, the video streaming app it had acquired in 2015        

Twitter all set to shut down the Periscope app. By March 2021, Periscope app won’t be available for downloads for users. However, the micro-blogging giant will continue to offer live video streaming in its Twitter app. Twitter had bought the Periscope app way back in 2015 to mark its foray into video streaming space. The interesting thing is that Twitter had bought the video streaming app even before its public launch. But Periscope failed to live to its expectation as its user base kept declining and Twitter finally took the call to pull the plug on the app.


Facebook is building a video tool that will bring fans and celebrities closer      

Facebook is currently busy in creating a video tool that will allow fans to get a video interaction with celebrities.  Not just this, celebrities will get paid for the face time. But this tool is still in experimentation mode and there is still ambiguity over when Facebook plans to launch this tool. For more information, click here.


EU is planning two bills to curb the power of US Tech giants

European Union or EU is mulling to introduce two bills in order to curb the influence of US tech giants like Facebook and Apple. According to reports, one bill is focused on illegal content and other bill to control monopolistic practices. These bills reportedly also have the provisions of imposing financial penalties on the tech companies for violating their guidelines.

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