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Facebook has Quietly Prepared Defense Against Antitrust Threat – Top Trending News

Here are today’s top trending news from the world of technology 


Facebook has Quietly Prepared Defense Against Antitrust Threat

Image Credits: Flickr

Facebook has reportedly prepared a 14 page document for dealing with antitrust threats. For too long the social media has been in the center of a storm for its monopolistic actions and also for spreading hate. According to the report, Facebook has categorically claimed in its report that any attempt by U.S. government to break up Facebook from Instagram and Whatsapp will prove counterproductive. To know more click here.  


‘Birdwatch’ – Twitter’s new Plan to Fight Propaganda

Image Credits: Flickr Esther Vargas

Twitter has officially confirmed that it is working on a new tool that will help twitterati community to weed out misleading tweets.  These so called misleading tweets are widely held responsible for spreading propaganda and fake news. This new tool has been officially labeled as ‘birdwatch.’ However, it is not known as to when the microblogging giant plans to launch this new feature on a full-fledge basis. To know more click here.


Apple’s new ‘mask emoji ‘will put a smile on your face

Apple’s new medical mask emoji is bit ironical but in a funny way. This new medical mask that seeks to hide the smile will actually make you smile. This new emoji with friendly eyes and rosy cheeks is probably Apple’s unique way of pulling off sarcastic joke on the way 2020 has been unfolded. To know more click here.


Ola’s London ride-hailing venture hits a speed breaker

India’s homegrown ride-hailing startup Ola’s London venture has hit a roadblock. This after the company failed to renews its license reportedly on the pretext that it has failed to meet certain safety requirements. The latest development will come as a huge setback for Ola especially after its arch-rival Uber won an appeal against London’s transport regulator. The legal victory has allowed the U.S ride-hailing giant to continue its operation in U.K’s capital city for another 18 months. To know more click here.


After huge uproar, Google postpones its 30% tax cut on Indian apps

Photo of Google CEO Sundar Pichai
Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Following public outcry by Indian startup fraternity over Google’s mandated 30% tax cut on apps globally, the tech giant has decided to postpone its decision till April 2022. However, this decision is only implementable on India while rest of the countries will most probably have to abide by September 2021 dead line. Google has said in a statement that it will engage in a prolonged dialogue with developers and Indian startup fraternity to allay their concerns.


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