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Freshdesk: A ‘Fresh’ Solution to Customer Support Nightmares

All about Freshdesk Customer Support Service Review. Freshdesk aims to address this very issue of deploying a ready-to-use and scalable customer support system for SMEs.

For SMEs(Small and Medium Enterprises), one of the biggest ongoing challenges remains dealing with their customers, without causing any annoyance or frustration and addressing their queries and concerns in least possible time while utilizing minimum resources.

As managing a customer support system isn’t a cake walk by any means, the key idea for SMEs is to automate various procedures as much as possible and route customer emails to right internal dept.  for swift resolution of requests and complaints.

To have an efficient customer support system for small and medium size businesses, customized softwares can either be worked out internally or through third-party software developers. But in the age of cloud computing and SaaS, there are far better ways to address this issue and with lesser financial burdening.

Freshdesk, a Software as a Service(SaaS) startup aims to address this very issue of deploying a ready-to-use and scalable customer support system for SMEs and everything gets done through an intuitive interface, fully accessible over the Internet.

Here are some of the major highlights of Freshdesk:

  • Multi-channel support: Centralized ticketing for customer requests received over email, phone, a website form, chat, forums, Facebook & Twitter
  • Seamless multi-product support: Companies can have a support portal for each and every brand/product they own, support multiple twitter and facebook accounts, multiple forums through a centralized system etc.
  • Complete automation of customer support process: Email to ticket generation, routing to right agent/deptt. for addressing user emails, subsequent follow-ups, ticket closure etc are all automated and that means, the whole focus remains on addressing customer emails instead of slogging into technical procedures.
  • Self-service & Community engagement platform(forums): Customers can also find answers to their problems by themselves. They can talk to each other, share tips and suggestions, just like users interact on forums.
  • Quick resolution/troubleshooting by agents: There are several features that are meant to help agents, such as search feature to look up the knowledge base, and find a quick answer to the problem at hand. This can significantly reduce the time taken by the agent to address a user query, which eventually helps the agent address more queries in lesser time.

Using Freshdesk will set you free from timely software upgrades and associated recurring expenses. You may not require a dedicated person, just to keep a tap on the every email getting addressed and no customer getting annoyed with the support system.

Another reason why Freshdesk appeals to its customers lies in the intuitiveness and user-friendly interface of the web based platform. And given the fact that whole system is web based, machine dependency never gets into the way.

Using new age Social Media platforms for customer support is a remarkable feature, which makes Freshdesk stand out from the rest.

Pricing starts at $9 per user/month with the ‘Basic’ plan, which sounds pretty competitive. Using Facebook Social platforms as customer support comes exclusively with ‘Pro’ plan(‘Basic’ plan provides monitoring of 1 Twitter account).

30 day FREE trial will ensure that you won’t spend a dime without having a satisfactory hands-on experience first so go try and see for yourself.

Check out the video below!

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