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Games Development Graphics

Developing games with HD Graphics can make any game much popular among its users. Here is the list of sites which offers free graphics for games development.

There are plenty of websites which present us with free graphics that can be used for designing our games and adding beautiful animations to them. Some of the websites which provide free graphics for games include,


This website provides legal and free graphics like textures, sprites and models for games which are developed as open source and freely available to public. The URL for this website is where you can get all kinds of game arts including pixel fonts, spell icons, flare, tiles, 2D space ships, Sword and sorcery, SVG characters, 3D objects, Isometric tiles, General-buttons, 3D graphics and models, various textures, different type of game music etc.

Psionic’s 3D Game resources:

This is another useful website where you can download free 3D graphics and animation for games including textures, 3D models, sound effects etc. The URL of the website is



This is another website which promotes the development and use of open source and free graphics for games which includes sound effects, games, 3D models, development tools, textures etc. It’s very user-friendly and you can download plenty of free graphics and themes. Many game developers use this website as a resource pool to get the required graphics and animation for designing their Games.

Kagor Legaz’s 3D Models:

This website has a wide collection of 3D blender models which includes different categories such as Arcade machines, control panels, Architecture such as doors, buildings, windows, Interiors, Details, Outdoors, Electronics, Household, Furniture, Arcade and Lights, Materials etc. You can also download 3D models of computers like Apple iBook, Apple Mac Plus, CD/DVD media, Serial ports etc. You can download models of furniture like benches, dining chairs, bar stools, tables etc. There is also different type of tables like Glass dining table, folding table, custom desk etc. and storage models like Steamer Trunk, filing cabinets etc. You can download household items like Fridge, Coffee maker and Facial elements of humans like Teeth, Eyes, Nose etc. All the 3D models are designed using powerful animation software like 3Dsmax and Maya. There are male and female models available in different skin tones, dressings etc. You can download lighting effects such as restaurant light, fluorescent light, Classic Light, porch light, parking light etc. There are different types of material libraries and visual effects such as X-Ray. Red Blood Cells, Star bust etc.

Blender-Models :

Blender Models is another free website where you can download tons of free 3D graphics, animation and visual effects for designing your games. There are different categories of blender models including Animals, Buildings, Architecture, Materials, Landscapes, Humans, Clothes, Characters, Electrical/Mechanical, Instruments, Materials, Particle Effects, Objects, Weapons, Vehicles, Themes, Space, Plants, Motor bikes etc. The URL of the website is

Mayang’s Free Textures:

Another website where you can download free graphics for games is You can download different sets of graphics and images including Aerial views, bricks, Doors, gates, cement, concrete, Gratings, Grills, Signs, roofing, paint effects, Windows, Walls, Tiles etc. There are more than 3800 free graphics and textures which you download at very high resolution from this website. But since this is a free website they have a kept a download limit of twenty textures per day as too much overloading can cause their servers to crash.


This website also contains high-quality models, animations, textures which can be downloaded in different formats such as GIF, JPEG, PNG etc. All the models are of high resolution and of excellent quality. You can download both 2D as well as 3D graphics in this website. The URL of the website is where you can download low poly and high poly 3D models to design your video games. You can also get fantasy and sci-fi textures and various games, sky cubes and low poly textures. You can also download fantastic 3D models and tons of free graphics for games. There is a cartoon bundle to design cartoon based games and also free audio which you can use for your games. 

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