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Facebook a ‘Digital Gangster’ Says UK’s Parliament – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Facebook a ‘Digital Gangster’ Says UK’s Parliament, Is Zuckerberg Listening?

Mark Zuckerberg at the U.S. Congress hearing
Image Credits: Flickr Steven Stern

In an unprecedented move, the UK’s parliament has called Facebook a “Digital Gangster” and said that the UK shouldn’t let Facebook get away with its unedited posts on social media. The lawmakers have held Facebook responsible for the spread of rumours by Russians during the elections. In a recent move, Facebook has suspended a Russian backed page that was targeting millennials. Report.



China Planning Orbiting Solar Farm, Is It Possible?

Image Credits: Flickr muhammadiqbaldar

Within a couple of years, China will do something unthinkable. It plans to set up a solar farm that will orbit the earth and provide constant energy from the Sun. The idea is to keep the energy flow constant by avoiding the obstacles faced on earth. According to the Sunday Morning Herald, the test will begin anywhere from 2021 to 2025.



Embrace for Deep-Fake, AI’s Disruptive Powers

AI has taken over our lives in so many ways that we longer feel threatened by it. However, the latest developments in this field have opened up the possibility of deep-fake videos that can cause social disharmony and in some cases even war. The recent example of deep-faked videos of former presidents of the U.S. Barack Obama and George W. Bush has shown how dangerous it can get. So, the developers have, for now, debarred anyone from using this AI technology.



Don’t Like Red Lights? Audi has a Solution for You

Audi is launching the Green Light Optimization Speed Advisory (GLOSA) in its cars soon. As the name itself suggests, the Audi cars fitted with this technology will control the speed in your car to avoid red lights while you travel. Audi cars already come with a specific tech that tells its drivers about the duration of red lights. The latest development is an extension of this existing technology.



Amazon’s Net Zero Carbon Shipment Goals

Amazon has revealed a new project called Shipment Zero. Under this plan, the e-commerce giant wants to half its existing carbon output by 2030. Terming the goal ambitious, Amazon has said its difficult to achieve this goal. Apart from this, Amazon has several other sustainable goals already in place. Some of them are Frustration-Free Packaging and Ship in Own Container. Also, the company uses solar power at its fulfilment centres and owns a network of solar and wind farms that power its operations.


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