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ESPN takes flight of VR for X-Games

The sports network ESPN will shoot the X-Games for the skateboarding and BMX tournaments for the first time in VR. It will stream the sports event using 360-degree cameras.

Now the audience will be able to see a lot of action through the technology of VR. It not just ranges within Google or Facebook headsets. But rather they are now coming to the home screens. VR is a buzz word in the technology circle and rightly so as it takes the excitement to a whole new level.

ESPN might be hoping to increase its viewership with the help of VR technology.

ESPN for the first time has taken this kind of work at such a large scale. Although, the sports channel won’t cover the whole series in VR. ESPN has partnered with Samsung to show the event. The shooting will take place in Minneapolis and the 48 countries will come under its coverage.

ESPN stands for its extreme sports coverage. Moreover, it already has a good viewership across the world. With VR it is trying to reinvent the experience of watching sports on TV or other devices. In fact, it is its strategy to attract new viewers towards its channel and content.

The story doesn’t end here. Intel also has plans to broadcast the 2018 Winter Olympics in VR as well. Altogether 16 events will be recorded for VR viewing.

The sports channels are constantly looking to experiment with their content. If they want to stay relevant they need to adapt with the changing technology. ESPN is committed to this cause and would want to deliver the best to its viewers.

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