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Elon Musk’s Drug Addiction leaves SpaceX Executives Worried

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Elon Musk’s Drug Addiction leaves SpaceX executives worried

In a shocking incident, it has come to light that SpaceX CEO Elon Musk had recently arrived at an all-important meeting completely high on drugs. The tech billionaire reportedly was literally rambling and slurring his words during in the speech in the meeting, which left many SpaceX executives feeling embarrassed. However, this is just not one-off incident. Media reports claim that Musk is addicted to drugs and has been reportedly found in several parties consuming drugs like LSD, cocaine and ketamine. Many are now worried if the world’s richest man does not get over his drug addiction then this may jeopardize the future of SpaceX and Tesla, which today are among the most valuable companies in the world.


Microsoft and OpenAI are sued again over Copyright issue  

In a fresh setback for OpenAI and Microsoft, both companies have been again sued over copyright infringement by non-fiction authors and journalists. These journalists have filed class action lawsuit against both companies. This latest case joins the growing list of similar lawsuits including the recent lawsuit filed by The New York Times and also popular fictional writers like John Grisham. These lawsuits argue that OpenAI and Microsoft uses copyrighted material without proper permission to train their LLMs. The legal landscape surrounding big tech companies using copyrighted material to train their LLMs is a complex issue. To overcome this issue, OpenAI is reportedly talking with several news publications for using their content to train their LLMs.


Chinese Tech giants are not buying Nvidia’s AI Chips

After the US government restricted Nvidia from selling its high-powered A100 AI chips to Chinese companies in 2019, the company responded by developing lower-powered AI chips. However, it seems that China’s tech giants like Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu are not keen on buying Nvidia’s low powered AI chips. The Chinese companies have cited that these chips are less efficient and may not give the desirable performance. As a result, these companies are now turning to another Chinese company Huawei, which has made considerable stride in developing its own AI chips. This shift could impact Nvidia’s revenue and growth in the Chinese market, a key driver for the company.


Apple may launch Siri with new AI capabilities at WWDC Event

In an exciting news, there is a growing buzz in the tech industry that Apple might announce a Siri with generative AI capabilities at the upcoming WWDC 2024 event. However, information regarding this is scarce. But several leaks claim that following the AI integration, Siri could become more adept at understanding context, engaging in longer and more fluid conversations. It could even generate creative text formats like poems or scripts. Additionally, it might also connect with various external services like calendars, smart home devices, and news platforms. Generative AI has been gaining amazing traction across the tech industry and Apple, it seems, does not want to fall behind in this race.


X users fed up with malicious crypto ads

There has been a growing frustration among X users regarding the constant stream of malicious cryptocurrency ads appearing on the platform. These ads reportedly promote pump-and-dump schemes, which artificially inflate the price of a cryptocurrency before dumping it, leaving unsuspecting investors with significant losses. These ads also reportedly mimic legitimate platforms to steal users’ login credentials and crypto assets. X claims that it has taken some steps to address the issue, such as developing new ad verification tools and partnering with security firms. However, many users feel that X is not doing enough to combat the problem. They argue that the platform needs to be more proactive in identifying and removing these malicious crypto ads.

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