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Direct Sales Companies You Absolutely Need To Know About

With the advent of technology, companies are prioritising convenience and reach over everything else. This has greatly led to the rise of direct sales companies. Such companies are bound to provide you the versatility of choice with regards to products and services, that too the convenience of getting it delivered at your doorstep. 

Direct Sales Companies You Absolutely Need To Know About

Direct Sales Companies—What are These?

Essentially these are companies that provide you a plethora of products (and sometimes, services). The major advantage here, though—is the bypassing of retail stores and associated complexities. In other words, you are expected to receive your products at your doorstep.

Additionally, the best direct sales companies also ensure to provide you a multitude of catalogues, brochures, what have you. In some cases, these direct sales consultant companies also provide you subscriptions for new products or ones that need greater testing. You can subscribe to it for a minimal fee. Either way, as a consumer, this seems like a good proposition. 

The other side of the story involves the life of the seller. Direct sales companies can also imply that the seller can create a network and sell from home. You can turn direct sales from home if you have an idea or a proposition that you can sell, and others that are willing to buy. In fact, some of the highest paying direct sales companies started that way. 

To shed more light on the same, these are some of the hottest direct sales companies that you should be aware of. 


Some of the Hottest Prospects in Direct Sales Companies 


  • 4Life—Direct Sales Products to Enhance Your Life

The internet has made life rather sedentary. Folks are always on their couches, either spending time with their screens or indulging in slumber. In this regard, it is not only hampering their normal physiologies but also by association, their immunity.

This is where 4Life comes into play. With their range of direct sales products aiding in improving immunity and metabolism, you are bound to get a head start to the day. The range of rejuvenating products that they provide is bound to give you an enhancement in immunity. 

Moreover, 4Life having direct sales from home gives you an added advantage of (ironically) ordering from your aforementioned couch too. 


  • Artsy—One of the Best Direct Sales Company for Paint Parties

While this might sound for the esoteric few, paint parties are actually more fun than one can fathom. Essentially what you do is invite your friends over for the party, and create a painting from start to finish while indulging in luscious appetizers. 

In this regard, Artsy aids you in establishing your paint party business with varying scales. You can either choose to opt for a small-venture option or establish something a lot larger on the scale. 

While it might look like a direct sales consultant company, Artsy should most definitely be under your radar if you want to provide a healthy combination of work, play, and art. 


  • Azuli Skye—The Direct Sales Company that Will Shine Your Life

Jewellery has always been a thing of the past and present. Perhaps, it might be so in the future too. Think about it, all that glitters is not gold sure, but it feels to possess it anyway.

This is where Azuli Skye shines bright (pun intended). With its plethora of choices with regards to jewellery options and intricate designs, you are bound to be more than satisfied. Additionally, you can also get a brochure to go through and see what suits your bodily design more appropriately. 

Furthermore, you also get some involvement with regards to direct sales from home, if you have much to offer. You can get a consultant kit (for limited time only) and can look forward to starting your own business entirely. 


  • Beachbody—Direct Sales Products to Sharpen your Physique 

Beachbody is unique in the sense that while you might not get products in the literal sense of the term, the insight you get on their videos is beyond comprehension. Their video platform serves as one of their primary USPs which makes them one of the hottest direct sales companies. 

Beachbody serves to provide you videos concerning workouts, nutrition, and any other queries that you might come across on a day-to-day basis regarding the likes of fitness. Additionally, it is very easy to get started on it, for the user experience is seamless. It also serves as one of the best direct sales companies, and the subscription packages only make the said proposition sweeter. 


  • Direct Sales Companies Aiding in Slower Ageing—Become  

Become serves to provide you a great sense of beautification and beautification through their range of unique products. Targeted to the general demographic aiming to slow their phenotypic ageing, Become is here to help you through it all. 

With a variety of products such as moisturisers and ointments, you are bound to systematically slow down your physical ageing processes. These are also rather scientifically backed with regards to how the said products are made. 

You are bound to get unequivocally good results for appropriate prices. This explains why Become has slowly become one of the best direct sales companies. 


  • Bedroom Kandi—Make Your Bedroom Escapades Spicier with this Direct Sales Company 

In this day and age of folks trying to maintain work-life harmony, keeping things in balance can be arduous. However, if you have accessories to spice up your life in your sacred space of the bedroom, things should be a little easier. This is where Bedroom Kandi comes into play. 

With a wide range of products meant to spice up your intimate times in your bedroom, Bedroom Kandi is one of the best direct sales companies when it comes to aiding your bedroom sessions. Not only do you get a wide variety of products, but you get so rather conveniently. If thrill is what you seek at your doorstep, then this is most definitely the place to look out for. 


  • Cabi—Wear it Right 

Seldom do you come across direct sales companies that help you with not only valid apparel but also jewellery and accessories to supplement it. Cabi is one such direct sales company that should ideally serve all your fashion needs under one roof. 

With one of the widest variety of products that you can find, Cabi serves as one of the best direct sales companies and backs it rather righteously. Additionally, with a few shipping caveats, you can essentially get the fashion template of your dreams at your doorstep. 

We will not be surprised if this turns out to make the best direct sales products that you have personally seen. In fact, this might even change your perception of fashionable apparel, for the better. 


  • Carico—Direct Sales Companies that care about You 

You might not come across direct sales consultant companies that really care about you. On the other side of the spectrum, ones like Carico deeply strive for the betterment of your personal health. 

Working to ameliorate your health conditions (if any) along with maintaining a general purpose of health, Carico is one of the few direct sales consultant companies that is bound to make you fit. 

Not only that, but Carico has a plethora of products that help you not only eat better but also sleep, drink and breathe better. If there has never been a company that has cared so gravely for the overall health of their general demographic, there is certainly one now. 


  • Damsel in Defence

Women safety has always been a rather underworked sector in regards to societal standards of modern society. The stereotype surrounding them being rather fragile and needing external help is misaligned and misconstrued. This is where Damsel in Defence comes to play the role of one of the most innovative direct sales companies around. 

With a range of products aimed at improving the self-defence prowess of women, Damsel in Distress is one of the highest-grossing direct sales companies. After all, there aren’t too many offerings that are as unique as this. 

If that wasn’t enough, you also get a range of apparel here. It seems like you can be deadly while looking fashionable too, thanks to this unique direct sales company.


  • Discovery Toys

Meant for children to enjoy, learn, and play, Discovery Toys is a great direct sales company that strives to change the way children should spend their leisure time. With a rather wide variety of playing elements such as artistic plays, number plays, language plays, logic plays, and so on, Discovery toys is here to sharpen your child’s brain like no other direct sales company. 


  • doTerra—Essential Oils as Direct Sales Products

The human body is marvellous, but it requires supplementation. Much like how your mind requires a break every now and then, your body needs essential oils to reboot and rejuvenate your systems. 

This is exactly where doTerra plays such a pivotal role. In serving as a direct sales company that has products such as essential oils, it is bound to keep your body (and by association, your mind) energised and rejuvenated. With both essentials’ collections and exquisite collections, doTerra is here to mitigate your bodily issues for the better. 


  • Etcetera—Making Shopping Easier, but More Difficult too 

Choice makes your life easy. At the same time, choice makes your life more difficult. In this regard, Etcetera is here to put you in a delightful catch 22 situation. With its exquisite line-up of apparel, Etcetera is one of the hottest direct sales companies that you will encounter on the web. 

Additionally, you will find an editorial section to go through. While some of them might be a compelling read for you, most others are bound to give you innovative apparel ideas. This is definitely one of the biggest direct sales companies that you will come across, and for all the right reasons. 


  • Forever Green—Where Great Direct Sales Consultant Companies Meet Greater Standards of Health 

You have come across a lot of direct sales products that strive to look forward to your health and boost your immunity, but Forever Green is unique in its own way. 

Providing energy drinks that are purely natural, Forever Green is slowly growing to be one of the best direct sales companies that are becoming popular. With the rise in fitness enthusiasts, folks are looking rather vehemently for more efficient alternatives to their otherwise sugary energy drinks. 

The range of direct sales products here is not just more sustainable, but also the fact that they focus on holistic mindfulness. This is what separates Forever Green from most other direct sales companies, and what makes them the hottest prospects here.


  • Grace & Heart—A Sterling Opportunity

 Claiming themselves to be ‘business seekers and builders’ Grace & Heart truly lives up to its name. In other words, they tend to serve as both a direct sales company as well as a direct sales consultant company. How so, you might ask?

The story behind it is simple. Faith and harmony are one the two foundations of a successful relationship, irrespective of its nature. This calls for solidification, which could range from documentation, pictures, messages, or in this case, jewellery. 

Grace & Heart, therefore becomes one of the better prospects with regards to being one of the best direct sales companies. With its intricately designed products, you are bound to feel closer to your loved one. 

If being close to your loved one is significant for you, then jewellery and handmade goods from Grace & Heart should be your way to go. 


  • Hello pink—Say Hello to Direct Sales Companies Catering to Women and Children 

It is very difficult to find direct sales products that cater to the needs of mothers, children, and women in general. This is where Hello Pink comes to save the day. With its exquisite range of products catering to the needs of the aforementioned demographic, Hello Pink is bound to keep you content. 

Additionally, you can also indulge in direct sales from home here. Owing to the fact that you can market anything you deem valuable, Hello Pink recognises your need to make a valuable selling. You can choose to partake in their selling programmes too, and it will be screened accordingly. 


  • Initials—Get Your Monograms Right Away

Who does not want their names engraved in and across various totems? This is what forms one of the early foundations of Initials—one of the best direct sales companies owing to their unique philosophy in terms of design. 

With a mission to let folks express as they please, Initials plans on letting you choose the kind of design you want to be engraved on almost anything you desire. It can be a purse, tote, purses, wallets—anything that can be engraved on will be engraved on.


  • Isagenix—Become a Greek God

Shedding weight and shredding fat can be an arduous task if done without any initiation. While aeons ago, there was no help available on the web, things are far from the same now. Direct sales companies like Isagenix have changed the game, and for good. 

With a wide range of products that aid in weight loss, Isagenix should be your go-to when it comes to such products. Essentially targeted at the greater demographic that is aimed at getting that perfect summer body, Isagenix is here to save your day if you want that beach body, organically. 


  • Pampered Chef—Stir the pot of your Direct Sales Product 

Never before have innovative ideas met the business name. Quite literally pampering you with cutlery options, Pampered Chef is one of the few direct sales companies that have unique yet multifaceted options to lure you into purchasing more than one item, and for all the right reasons. After all, quality supersedes anything. 

Additionally, you also get to browse through a multitude of brochures, to witness and be amazed at how magnificent the range of products here can be. You will be in awe considering how many products Pampered Chef is ready to (you saw it coming) pamper you with.


  • PawTree—Supplement your Palate

Food supplements should not be confused with food additives. While the latter may or may not have nutritional value, the former certainly does. In this regard, PawTree is one of the leading direct sales companies that aids in providing supplements, nutrients, and a lot more. 

Along with the aforementioned offerings, PawTree also has a plethora of treats for you to check out. Additionally, you can also choose to partake in their sales and help yourself as well as them to grow and make a fair buck or two, keeping customer satisfaction in mind.

Once you browse through their website, you will understand why they are one of the hottest prospects with regards to being a great direct sales company.


  • Scout and Cellar—Get Your Palate a Taste of a Lifetime

If you are one of those who want to treat your palate with the fine taste of pinot noir, or you might be looking to aid your sense of taste with some chardonnay, this is your place to be. 

Scout and Cellar, as the name suggests, is here to complement your sharp sense of taste with some exquisite fine wine. Moreover, with their platform being so accessible and easy to operate, it should not be an issue for you to, say, browse catalogues. 

Scout and Cellar is definitely a hot prospect if you are in quest for a wine seller, providing them a major edge in being one of the best direct sales companies you can come across. 


Direct Sales Consultant—Is there Scope for You?

You must be wondering if it is possible for you to make a quick buck or two by being a direct sales company consultant. Perhaps you are wondering if you possess the skills to do so. Either way, you should not be worried, for the ways are simple, and the commissions are sufficient. 

The answer is a resonant yes. As a direct sales consultant, you can make as much as 25-30% in commissions only. This might be subject to scale, owing to how many other variables you can tick, such as number of sales and duration of the said transactions. 

In terms of skill sets, you need to possess a confident and outgoing personality. We assume you already have so, and perhaps you are not as uninitiated in the first place. You should be good to go if you are planning on making those greens. 


To Conclude

Despite great insight into the said brands or companies, you are expected to do your own research regarding the same. Either way, the aforementioned ones are definitely hot prospects with regards to being one of the best direct sales companies. 

You should also do the same regarding business opportunities. After all, scrutiny done by self is the most efficient of them all.

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