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Daily Deal Sites: A Must Have Bargain

The detailed collection and analysis of Daily Deal Sites across the world must be considered. This article is about Daily deal sites.

With the commercialization of the internet and its services, it was just a matter of time before the local market jumped onto this latest bandwagon, which undoubtedly is the biggest in terms of its reach. Almost everyone is connected to the internet today. Shopping online has not only become easy, but quite advantageous as well for internet users.

A closer look at group buying sites

The concept of group buying sites reached the apex of its success after the birth of Groupon, which is one of the most known daily deal sites, offering its customers discount coupons and gift certificates. This was just a start. Soon numerous such daily deal sites mushroomed in huge amounts all over the internet.

Let us look at some of the most famous daily-deal sites.

Groupon: launched in November 2008 and considered as the “Big Daddy” of all group buying sites, Groupon aims to offer daily deals covering a vast part of our lifestyle needs. There are deals on anything and everything we do, eat or buy. It has an Alexa ranking of 264, and caters to more than 23 countries across North and South America, Europe and Asia. Recently, Groupon moved into the Indian market by acquiring Bangalore-based A much awaited traffic standoff is Facebook vs. Groupon deals. Analysts forecast that it can be expected soon as social shopping services rise.

LivingSocial: kicked off in Washington, D.C. in 2009, LivingSocial is touted as the fastest growing company in the e-commerce universe. It offers local deals for over 240 markets, spread through 12 countries in Europe and North America. LivingSocial has an Alexa rating of 482.

Woot: Woot is said to be the ‘first’ daily deal site. Launched in 2004 and based in Carrolton,Texas, is an Internet-based retailer. It offers only one product per day, and any products it sells are discontinued exactly at 11:59 pm. Having an Alexa ranking of 913, is set to be acquired by It does not ship products outside the continental region of United States.

Most of the daily deal sites function out of North America. Below we take a look at some other international internet dealers.

iBood: is a Netherlands based daily deal website extending its services to the UK, Belgium, Germany, Poland and other European countries. iBood has an Alexa rating of 8516.
iBood too has excellent one day deals, which are always refreshed exactly at midnight every day.

 SnapDeal: as the analysis suggests (Alexa rating of 360) is possibly the fastest growing e-commerce portal in India. Offering great daily deals for Indians, snapdeal is very popular among the Indian youth, because not only limited to just a shopping experience, they are even offering deals on institutions like NIIT and Career Launcher.

Here is a list of some other daily deal sites:

  •  Gilt
  • EverSave
  • HauteLook
  • Ideeli
  • BuyWithMe
  • GroopSwoop
  • MyDailyThread
  • Mamapedia
  • Yipit
  • Bloomspot
  •  Tanga
  • WhiskeyMilitia
  • 8Coupons
  • HalfOffDepot
  • Taggle
  • MyDala
  • Koovs
  • SoSasta/Groupon India
  • Dealivore
  • DealsAndYou
  • BuzzInTown
  •  Ebay
  • Groffer
  • GroopOffers
  • Coupon2Buy
  • CityOffers
  • Foodome
  •  Dealmagic
  • Masthideals
  •  Scoopstr
  •  Mastsale
  •  RobberyOnline
  • Urbangain
  •  Voucherwow
  •  Dealmela
  • Dealonpune
  • couponsonmobile
  • Vamoose
  •  webkolkatadeals
  •  Khojguru

These are just a hint of what is in store for the consumer. All we can say is hold on, and let the players play their part…

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