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Control the Privacy of your Phone with Bitdefender Clueful for iOS

Your Android device is the best thing you ever had. It helps you to book those flight tickets and send money for whatever you have purchased. You can do a lot of computing, take pictures and videos, store information, send and receive information, and download games, movies, or news. You can even play in forex markets, and of course, communicate with others. The app creators are like slaves offering you more tools to make management of all such things easier for you. Having said all that, your privacy is also at a grave risk. Bad bargain? It need not be, now that Bitdefender Clueful has arrived on the scene.


What is Bitdefender Clueful?

Bitdefender Clueful is antimalware with the entirely different concept. It focuses on all the apps you have in your Android device. It then gives them a ranking based on the permission they seek from you directly or indirectly. Each of the permissions taken by an app, especially any of the free apps, poses some threat to privacy. Consequently, permissions are given a ranking based on the gravity of the threat. Bitdefender Clueful has a database in the cloud holding this ranking of various permissions that you wittingly or unwittingly give. Using this comprehensive database, the tool provides you with an overall score of how much risk those apps that you have downloaded are to your privacy. Bitdefender Clueful does not just stop there. It also segregates the apps into high, medium and low-risk varieties, so that you can click on the button showing the apps that are a great danger to your privacy. Once you have done that, you can see the app and the permissions it has collected from you. You can also uninstall such app directly from here instead of going the conventional way.

 From Where you can Download Bitdefender Clueful?

Google Playstore offers Bitdefender Clueful for free. It can be downloaded there or directly from Bitdefender’s website. Google Playstore also offers the free version of Bitdefender AntivirusInstalling one does not negate the need for the other. Also note that it is always better to opt for paid version of Bitdefender antivirus because it is more comprehensive, including defense against the new viruses, and periodically such antiviruses also offers updates which include protection against more recent viruses.

Bitdefender Clueful for iOS

Bitdefender has also released the Clueful for iOS. Bitdefender Clueful for iOS and iPhone can be downloaded from Bitdefender’s website. Different clueful apps are necessary for Android and iOS, because of the difference in their platforms and differences in apps as well.

You could find your identity stolen and being unable to do anything about it, such as being unable to access bank accounts, unable to use any of your cards, and even unable to travel. Your address book is also used by some of these apps even though it is not necessary for them to use it. Here, could be the crucial information about whom you are contacting. It is very easy to pass wrong information about you to any of those members on the contact list. There are many such safeguards that you waive off, when you grant permissions to apps because you do not know the implications. Bitdefender Clueful also analyzes which app is using up more of your battery life. Apps do use audio services available on the device, or GPS for performing some function, with permissions of course.


There will be several such tools flooding the market soon enough, but Bitdefender will remain the pioneer. The next frontier could be suggesting alternatives to the apps that will be deleted by the user because of the privacy risks. The fact is that till now Bitdefender has covered both Android as well as Apple devices to make them fully protected from virus threats.

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