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China Surpasses US in AI Journal citations – Top Trending news

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology…check it out  


China Surpasses US in AI Journal citations

Serving as yet another reminder of China’s growing clout in the Artificial Intelligence industry, last year the Asian giant surpassed America in overall journal citations in artificial intelligence research. This startling revelation was brought forth annual by the Ai Index report, which was prepared in collaboration with Stanford University.  This news shouldn’t come as a big surprise given that over the years the Chinese government has been pouring millions of dollars into the AI industry.


Google promises privacy first web as it starts to phase out third party cookies

As data privacy becomes the buzzword, Google has announced that it won’t create an alternate tracker to track data after it steadily phases out third-party cookies. This news is likely to be cheered by data privacy activists considering that Google’s advertising business has always thrived on the practice of tracking users’ cookies. It must be noted that third-party cookies are already blocked on Safari and Firefox.  and now Chrome is pretty much heading in the same direction.


With unveiling of Mesh, Microsoft doubles down on Mixed Reality Platform 

At its annual conference for developers and IT professionals Ignite, Microsoft officially unveiled Mesh. Mesh is a mixed reality experiment that will use Microsoft’s cloud computing platform Azure. Those who witnessed Mesh at the Ignite conference claimed that it appeared to be the future of Microsoft Teams. Mesh can help you in conducting virtual meeting, virtual social gathering and many more things.


FedEx promises to become Carbon Neutral by 2040; will spend $2 Bn for this mission

Cargo and logistic giant FedEx said that it will spend close to $2 Bn to become a carbon neutral company by 2040. Being one of the largest cargo airline companies, FedEx has a pretty large carbon footprint across the world. The company operates nearly 600-700 aircrafts and its mission to become carbon neutral is going to prove pretty challenging.


NASA’s latest Mars rover has the same processor that powered iMac from 1998

NASA’s Perseverance rover that landed on the red planet only few days back is supposedly the most advanced machine to have ever landed on Mars. However, many may be pretty surprised to know that this sophisticated rover is powered by Power750, a single processor 233MHZ processor. If this doesn’t blink your eyes then this is the same processor that powered Apple’s iMac computer from 1998.


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