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Artificial Intelligence Research Paper: Secrets of successful writing

Writing a research paper on a highly technical aspect such as Artificial Intelligence also known as AI will require a slightly more tasking skill from writing a traditional research paper. This is due to the presence of technological research associated with the topic, and the fact that the topic needs to be practical and updated every other day. The secret of successfully writing a research paper on AI has been outlined in the course of this article.

What is AI?


Technopedia defines artificial intelligence as an area of computer science which emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines, that will work and react like humans. They are designed with activities to include; speech recognition, planning, learning and problem-solving. Over the years, AI has become an essential part of technology industries, and its technology keeps advancing daily to meet our daily requirement. AI has been predicted to replace human in most activities in the future, and they have a means of training themselves to adapt to any condition they find themselves. AI comprises Robotics and other self-propelled devices which are able to solve human problems.


What is a research paper?

A research paper according to is a piece of academic writing which is based on an author’s original research on a particular topic, the analysis, and interpretation of the research findings. A research is more than a collection of different pieces of information concerning a particular topic. It has to analyze the writer’s perspective or argues a point while backing on the ideas and information of others.

How to prepare a good research paper

To write a good research paper, the author has to:

  1. Define your research questions: This is the first step in writing a research paper. You should choose an aspect of your research that interest you more, and dwell on it. This aspect should be easily accessed in terms of facts and ideas.
  2. Create a research strategy: Creating a research strategy involves reviewing your library website pertaining availability of resources and access to these resources. Also, strategies on how to focus your research on valuable sources required are of most priority.
  3. Evaluating sources: This is the most important aspect of a research writing as it has to do with gathering information from other sources concerning your research questions, validating the information and presenting your own point of view in line with the validated information.
  4. Organize your note: This step involves actualizing the research paper in writing, and this should be in line with the three steps earlier listed.

Ultimate tips on writing a good research paper on AI

Writing an AI research paper also requires the steps listed above, but put in mind that it is a technological research paper, and it experiences advances daily, meaning modification to your research work is required to keep the paper up to date with the technology. This can be done by accessing research tools which will constantly update your paper in line with the technology. For these reasons, research writing on AI should be based on the following;

  1. Reasonable sources: Sources to be consulted when writing a research paper on AI has to provide substantial data with facts to backup their claims. AI being a technological topic has to do with practical data, which are only available on a limited number of sources, and the right source should be accessed for the right and recently updated data on AI. Examples of sources include; Technopedia, Wikipedia, youtube channels and so on.
  2. Examples: Acquiring data for a research paper is of utmost priority, and data backed up by examples makes the research more acceptable, especially on a technological purpose. When writing a research paper on AI, you need to enlist practical examples of how it is being used, how it works, and everything which shows the feasibility of your claims. AI involves more practical than theory, so your research paper on AI should portray more practical data than theoretical assumptions.
  3. Illustrations: How the technology can be used to solve a problem as well as other illustrations should be shown in the research writing. This will go a long way to capture the attention of your audience and streamline their thought to your claims in the research. The audience is able to interpret the technology involved while going through your research paper and will be able to boast of their knowledge concerning the working principles of AI.
  4. Presentation: nature to which the research is presented should be in a technologically oriented direction. Writing a research paper on AI is different compared to writing a research paper on a new disease. The research paper on AI should contain technological terms and claims to validate the topic for the research. The tone of writing should be technologically clear for the reader to comprehend what it entails and should be directed only towards technological advancement.

In conclusion, research writing on AI which is a technology-based research writing should be backed up with verified and updated data, and should possess more technological contents compared to other forms of research. Various points to note in order to produce a good research work on AI has been enlisted within the article, and each point explained to provide an understanding of the topic. If you are too busy for academic writing about artificial intelligence, professional custom research paper writing by expert writers will be effective solution for you.


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