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Tired of being tied up with Mobile Carriers Contracts ? Go ‘SIM Only’ !

sim only offersThis article is about cheapest monthly mobile contracts. If you’re fed up of costly contracts with mobile carriers, go check out sim only offers.

We have reviewed & written about plenty of high-profile smartphones out there in the market(such as T-Mobile G1, Nokia N97, XpressMusic,  Dell Smartphone) but most of them are sold by the handset manufacturers in consortium with national mobile carriers.

For instance, Apple iPhone is sold all across U.S. along with a compulsory 2 year contract with AT&T. Same is the case with T-Mobile G1, which is sold with a mandatory contract with T-Mobile. Although, such a contract appears alluring to the customers as the price of the smartphone decreases significantly when sold along with a yearly(or longer) contract but in long term perspective, the customers end up paying much more than their usual mobile phone expenses.

Even if the end user is aware of long term expenses, the reason why smartphones(most of them being sold with contracts) are in huge demand and tens of millions of them are already sold out to customers across the globe is because of the latest features and ‘Mobile PC’ sort of experience that most of the smartphones provide.

Contracts often result in huge customer dissatisfaction(currently happening with iPhone users locked with AT&T) when the service provided by the mobile carrier isn’t upto the mark but the contract forces users to keep on suffering the poor mobile network service(voice/data) till the contract period ends.

If you’re one of those who either hate getting tied up with long contracts or just about to get out of the contract you’re currently tied up with then you may require a SIM only deal to get the best and cheapest offer as per your needs.

SIMonlyoffers.com is a website that aggregates and regularly updates the cheapest SIM offers to look out for. SIM Only Tariffs are already prevalent in Asian markets, just because of their cost-effectiveness and if choosing a Value-for-money offer is one of your top priorities, go check out listed SIM Only tariffs and see if you can find the offer that suits your needs and pocket.



  1. sim

    November 1, 2009 at 12:40 pm

    Thanks to the recession, SIM only contracts have soared in popularity in the last year. Shortening pay monthly contracts to 30 days was a great move by the mobile networks and gives consumer greater flexibility and freedom.

  2. Simo

    October 25, 2010 at 10:02 am

    Yes you’re right, the recession has been good for SIM only contracts, we’ve seen them go through the roof 🙂

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