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Why ‘DeskAway’ Scores High Among “Project Management Web Services”

deskawayIn this article we will tell you about cheap project management tool deskaway. DeskAway provides a central location to easily organize their projects.

Web based Project Management tools have gradually become a lot more repetitive and crowded (seems like building a Web based PM tool is the easiest service, an entrepreneur can possibly think of ) but after getting our hands on a number of Project management tools and reviewing PM tools such as WORKetc ,Geniusroom and Scrumy here at TechPluto, one thing comes crystal clear……’Simplicity and Feature-richness aren’t usually co-existent’.

At one side, we have a herd of project management tools, ready to turn our conventional methods of tracking and executing projects in much transparent and simpler way but the feature richness lacks a bit out there.

On the other side, there are feature-rich & sophisticated web tools (rather ‘virtual offices’) which actually make it more than complicated to even understand how the things will work out.

Here exactly enters ‘a right combo of simplicity and feature-richness’ that gives a better option to end customers in managing their clients and projects in an easy and efficient manner.We are talking about DeskAway

DeskAway, a Mumbai (India) based web-based project collaboration service provides intended customers & their teams, a central location to easily organize, manage and track down their projects.


Together with integrating essential features of efficient project management, it keeps eveything dead simple, from User Interface to Flow & Navigation to features provided.

Another important aspect which is usually ignored in most of other Project management tools but DeskAway is ‘Security’. Any data exchange that occurs between your computer and DeskAway application is encrypted (256-bit SSL encryption used).

Another thing that’s intelligent about DeskAway is their strategy of choosing ‘right’ partners in playing critical role behind the entire service. They have choosen Rackspace as their ‘hosting service provider’ and ‘Pingdom’ as their ‘Uptime monitoring service’.

The pricing chart is nominal and gives enough opportunity to end customers with varying set of needs to choose the right plan for themselves.

In future, Deskaway plans to launch their mobile version, affiliate programs, and continue tight integration with other software and channel partners.All in all, its a service that’s well executed and truly simplified. Give it a shot !



  1. Priyanka

    April 13, 2009 at 12:48 am

    Thank you for reviewing DeskAway.

  2. Camila Perry

    August 22, 2010 at 12:34 pm

    affiliate programs pay much better than adsense but they do not pay per click*;.

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