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Scrumy lets you manage tasks/projects with no hassles

Scrumy project management tool(Scrum) lets you manage your tasks/projects efficiently with no hassles.

Scrumy is a project management tool(Scrum) which lets you manage your tasks/projects efficiently with no hassles.It gives you an easy to use ajax based interface which lets you collaboratively use it with your friends/peers to manage daily tasks/projects.

This illinois based startup has three founders(Robert Brend, Dan Kordik, Mike O’Malley) working for it and this is how they describe their product…

In their own words

Scrumy is a simple and intuitive way to do Scrum project management. At its core, Scrumy is a virtual taskboard, and is free. Scrumy Pro has more Scrum-specific features like multiple sprints, burndown charts, and daily snapshots

The entire procedure to create a project on scrumy is very simple.It lets you create a story(sort of a goal) and add related tasks to that story.You can categorize those tasks into ‘To do’, ‘In progress’, ‘Verify’ & ‘Done’.You can create multiple stories(goals) within a single project.Check out a demo here

As task management systems are so evolved today,there is nothing new that scrumy comes up with but their novelty lies in keeping the ‘project management’ as simple and intuitive as possible.

Due to its simplicity,it can be easily used by a college guy for managing daily tasks as well as by a company for organizing its business in a better way.

It offers a pro account with more features at the nominal cost of $5-7 a month.But with services like Zoho already there as a justified option for project management,scrumy needs to come up with more features(innovative ones) to give a reason to users to purchase a pro account at scrumy.

I wouldn’t recommend the free version for those who want to use this service for corporate use as the security is virtually non-existant for free version(not even a login required to access the created projects).

Our take…

At this point,team at scrumy needs to put in more efforts into their service(in pro features as well) otherwise their service will not convince corporate guys so easily.Being too simple isn’t always good !(specially when corporate stuff is involved)

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