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“Office Professional Academic 2010” Is Now “Office University 2010”

Office Academic 2010 is now Office University 2010 with more stringent verification rules. Buy Office University 2010 for higher education and not by K12 students.

Microsoft Office team has recently made some deterring changes to its policy of selling hugely discounted Office version for academic fraternity.

Microsoft Office Professional Academic 2010, which is a discounted version of Office Professional 2010 and specifically meant for academic students has just been transformed into a new version.

And not only the new name, the identity verification process involved has also been reworked.

The new version, rebranded as Office University 2010, is packaged with the same contents as follows:


  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • OneNote
  • Outlook
  • Publisher
  • Access

Even the cost is the same, which is $99. The only difference, which also reflects with a new name is the narrower eligibility criteria. Office University 2010, as the name suggests, is exclusively available for University students and faculty. K12 students are not eligible for Office University 2010.

With narrower eligibility, Microsoft is aiming to curb another critical thing: Misuse. Office Academic 2010 is equivalent to a full version Office Professional 2010 and therefore, any interested person in full Office version would love to buy Office Academic 2010, as it comes way too cheaper.

The only requirement for buying a hugely discounted Office Academic 2010 was owning a .edu email address. Now, even if you’re not a student, it isn’t a big deal for temporarily managing an .edu account for buying an online product.

That “misuse” of the affordable accessibility of high-end office suite was pissing off Microsoft for a long time and as a result, the product has been rebranded as ‘Office University 2010’, restricted to only Higher education students and faculty members and on top of it all, the identity verification process has been beefed up for lesser chances of any further abuse of the offer.

With new verification rules in place, the Office University 2010 will not be sold with a product key but only a PIN. That PIN will then be used along with couple of other things for Identity verification such as School email ID or International School Identity card.

You can claim your activation key for genuinely bought copy of Office University 2010 through this link.

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