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Best Technology For Monitoring Business Growth

Monitoring business growth is essential for making consistent progress . Learn the ways to monitor your business by using best technology .

Business growth monitoring tools can be implemented for the purpose of saving time and improving the accuracy of business data. Growth monitoring technology improves operations and helps to avoid potential oversights. The business growth monitoring tools besides metro Ethernet, described below can be used to assist in monitoring the various aspect of your business.

Best Technology for Monitoring Business Growth
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Salespoint Mobile CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to a set of processes useful for managing interactions with customers. CRM software combines marketing, sales, and customer service tools into a single interface. As a result, you can base business decisions on accurate customer information.

Salespoint Mobile CRM provides the benefits of a full CRM system while adding the benefit of mobility. Salespoint’s approach to CRM makes process management more flexible so that sales reps and managers can have access to up-to-date information while they are away from the office. Salespoint Mobile CRM also makes it possible for most features to be used offline in cases where internet access is not possible.

CreativePro Office

CreativePro Office provides a complete set of office management tools. The CreativePro Office dashboard contains a set of widgets that give you instant access to your calendar, upcoming tasks, and open invoices.

CreativePro Office incorporates a task management tool that allows you to set milestones, attach files and assign tasks to multiple team members. Their project management widget provides access to critical data such as hours spent on a particular project, amount invoiced, and other related project information.


Insightly is a project management suite and customer relationship application combined. The software provides you with cloud-based management applications for managing customer transactions as well as customer interactions. It also allows you to track leads and cultivate future sales opportunities.

Insightly’s software also allows you to create and track several projects in real time from a single device. You can view completed tasks according to the individual project name, based on an event, or by a particular timeframe.

Additionally, Insightly software is totally compatible with Google apps. Easy Google integration explains why Insightly is currently the number one CRM application in the Google Apps Marketplace.


Time tracking software is can play a huge role in keeping project on schedule. This software is also useful for measuring productivity and to track billing time cycles. Syncd is a time tracking software that you can access from either your home computer or from your iPhone. Syncd can be used to improve productivity or for billing purposes.

Some of Syncd time tracking features include:

  • A daily ledger
  • Bulk time entry capability
  • Customizable time classifications
  • Integration of multiple currencies
  • Customizable billing rates
  • Intelligent reporting filters

Syncd’s iPhone integration makes time tracking more convenient for business people on the go.

Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting provides small business accounting services. This software allows you to integrate and upload transactions from financial institutions and categorize them quickly. The automatic integration of financial statements saves time and decreases the likelihood of accounting errors.

Wave Accounting allows dispatches and tracks invoices while keeping track of both customers and vendors. Itemized reports of all transactions are generated automatically and shown in graphic form on your dashboard. This software also allows you to manually input taxes. Wave Accounting allows access to external users. External access is a feature useful for those that want their business records reviewed by an accountant.

Wave Accounting offers its services for free. A more detailed description of Wave Accounting software can be found at PC Magazine.

Using technology to manage business growth is essential for keeping pace in today’s competitive business environment. Proper integration of growth management software improves productivity as well as accountability over time.

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