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Best Free screen Capture Software for Windows 7

This article enlists some of the best free screen capture software for Windows 7. Here’s the list:

Since the advent of Windows 7, users have been making their activities faster; but, sometimes operating Windows 7 is not easy due to incompatible features or unawareness of the system. For example, users experience great dilemma to capture screen pictures. We have chosen the best software to solve this problem.


Greenshot software is optimized to provide productivity. It is light-weight screenshot that is easy to install. After the installation, it can support numerous image formats. You can capture full screenshot or region of windows. Greenshot also makes it easy for you to capture selective shapes and text. If you lack technical knowledge, do not be confused. It is easy to understand and configure. Greenshot is the best option for testers, technical writers, software developers and project managers. Users can send the screenshot to printer, clipboard and file or as attachment through email.


If you are having problem using 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 7, WinSnap is real solution for your problem. WinSnap can support both of them. What I like about WinSnap is it has the ability to capture unorganized regions and non-rectangular windows as well. Installing WinSnap is easy and takes only a few minutes. You will have clear window background while capturing your screenshot.

Gadwin PrintScreen 4.7

Gadwin is mostly preferred for amazing graphics file format. This software allows saving your screenshot in different graphic format without any problem. Captured screenshot can be sent to file, disk, or printer within a fraction of second. Capturing specified area, active window and entire Windows screen is easy through Gadwin. You can also define your capturing keys at your convenience.

Portable PicPick 3.1.5

I can assure you that Portable will make you feel new experience of capturing screenshot as this is good option for home users as well as graphic designers, software developers. Once you install the tool on your computer, you will boast of having crosshair, protractor, pixel ruler, color palette, color picker and intuitive image editor. Portable software supports all functions on a dual environment. Anybody can use it irrespective of language problem because multi-language is supported by Portable.

SnapShot 1.0.5

SnapShot is different from other screenshot software because it supports external editors, unmatched automatic filename generation feature and automatic screen capture saving ability. There are several global hot keys to make it more fun. Sending captures through FTP or build-in e-mail engine is also supported by SnapShot. You can save your capture in TIFF, PSD, PNG, PCX, JPEG, GIF, BMP formats using SnapShot.

Screenshoter 1.61

It is very easy to customize all settings while using Screenshoter. Sometimes, we require customizing specific area, but we are not able to perform the task. Screenshoter helps you customize your desired area of the screen. You can set up image quality in many ways. In addition to this, automatic screenshot copying is also possible that is available to clipboard. You can save your image in BMP, PNG and JPG format.

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