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And the ‘All-Muscle’ indian celebrity blogger is….

Here’s the Aamir khan blog stats.

Indian celebrities are yet to wake up to their online presence in a serious way as just a handful of actors have their official websites and selected few blog regularly to connect with their fans online.

But two of the most popular celebrities who’ve also been blogging for quite a while and have talked about their blogs in public several times are Amitabh bachchan(hosted on BIGAdda) and Aamir Khan

And if you haven’t paid a visit to Aamir’s blog for a while then go visit it as his latest ‘All Muscle’ avatar is right there at the homepage.This also makes him the most popular and the most muscular celebrity blogger of India.

Although,Aamir is still to reveal his blog stats like Amitabh Bachchan revealed but a million visits a month seems no big thing for his blog as well.It’s probable that many other celebs will take up blogging for self-expression and connecting with their fan following in the time to come.

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