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A Decentralized Twitter? A Good Or Bad Idea?

Jack Dorsey at an event

Image Credits: Flickr Jessica Lovely

Jack Dorsey has announced that his company is researching decentralized social media. He said Twitter is trying to make a new decentralized social media protocol. A new team ‘Bluesky’ is working towards this goal. A decentralized social media could be a boon or a bane. It will give more control in the hands of the users to create their own small pockets of users through networking independent of the parent site. It has been difficult to maintain sanity in the centralized social media sites, so how does a decentralized site can be any good? Only time will tell. Link.



Apple Sues Employee, Employee Sues It Back

Apple logo on building

Image Credits: Flickr Adam Fagen

Apple is suing one of its former employee for breach of contract. In the lawsuit, it said that the employee poached Apple employees for their own startup. Now the employee has sued Apple stating that the company got all this information by tapping into personal messages. Link.



Phone Location Tracking By Politicians, Trump Leads The Pack

Donald-Trump making the vistory sign

Image Credits: Flickr Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump will have phone tracking devices at his reelection campaigns. They have hired a technology company that specializes in phone tracking services. Not just Donald Trump but almost all the politicians are tracking devices in the United States during the election for better political targeting. Link.



Google And Facebook Lose Top Employer Spot

Google building

Image Credits: Flickr Niharb

In a report published by Glassdoor on top 10 employers according to employees, Google and Facebook are not there in the list. The employees seem to have shifted their interest away from these two firms. Previously, these two used to be on the top when it comes to employee desirability. Surprisingly, a lesser-known tech firm HubSpot has taken the top spot in this years list. But it still doesn’t mean that an employee would switch Google for HubSpot. Link.



Chrome Will Tell You If You’re Using Unsafe Password


Image Credit: Google blog

From now on if you use a weak or unsafe password, your Chrome browser will alert you. The handy new feature was recently added by Google to the world’s top browser. Chrome will warn you if your password has been stolen. Link.


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