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Meta’s plan to take whopping 47% cut on virtual asset sale angers NFT Community

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Meta’s plan to take whopping 47% cut on virtual asset sale angers NFT Community 

Earlier this week, Meta had announced that it had started testing monetization tools on its metaverse platform ‘Horizon worlds.’ However, Meta did not mention about the ‘exact commission’ that it would be charging from the developers. But now it has been disclosed that Meta will be charging nearly 47% commission on the sale of every digital asset in the ‘Horizon Worlds.’ Notably, Meta’s 47% commission is significantly higher than 30% commission that Apple and Google usually charge from app developers. Besides, popular NFT marketplace like ‘OpenSea’ and ‘LooksRare’ charge only 2.5% commission on every transaction.

Meta’s highly inflated commission rate has apparently annoyed the NFT community. Scores of NFT developers took to Twitter to rant against Meta’s unusually high commission rate. Many complained that Meta’s 47% cut will deplete their earnings and revenue. Although Metaverse technology is still in its infancy and will take many more years to develop, the news of Meta’s 47% cut seems to have clearly demoralized the NFT community.


Jack Dorsey’s first ever tweet on ‘NFT’ is now worth peanuts

Image Source: The Verge

Sina Estavi. If you all have forgotten about this guy then let me refresh your memory again. Sina Estavi is a popular crypto investor who made headlines last year when he bought Jack Dorsey’s first ever tweet on NFT for whopping $2.9 Mn. Now it turns out that last week Estavi had put on sale the ‘NFT of Dorsey’s first ever tweet on NFT’ in popular NFT marketplace OpenSea. Estavi was reportedly expecting to fetch close to $48Mn through this sale. But bidders apparently are not seeing any value in Dorsey’s so called historic tweet on NFT. According to CoinDesk, the highest bid received so far for NFT version of Dorsey’s tweet is merely $280. $280 is certainly peanuts compared to $2.9 Mn that Estavi had spent to buy Dorsey’s NFT tweet.


TikTok is testing ‘dislike’ button in the comment section

TikTok has started testing ‘dislike button’ in the comment section. If this dislike button goes live then it will make it easier for TikTok users to flag the comments that they find ‘irrelevant’ or ‘inappropriate.’ However, this dislike button will be completely private feature. This means that only person who has ‘clicked’ the dislike button will be able to view it. TikTok has said that if this ‘pilot testing’ is successful then it will fully launch the dislike button in coming weeks. TikTok has said that it is confident that the ‘dislike button’ will help in controlling negative, provocative as well as spammy comments in the comment section. For all those who don’t know, TikTok already allows its users to dislike the videos but this will be first time that it will introduce the ‘dislike’ button in the comment section.


Google has a secret app that helps to easily transfer data from IOS to Android app

According to 9to5 Google, Google has almost secretly launched a free app called ‘Switch to Android’ app. This app will let you easily transfer the data from IOS to your brand new Android phone. The great thing about this app is that it lets you transfer the data wirelessly, which means that you don’t have to go through the hassles of connecting the iPhone and Android phone with cable or any other external wire. But there is one big problem with this app. This app is an unlisted app, which means that right now you won’t be able to find this app in Apple’s app store. However, you can download this app by clicking on a specific link. This link has been mentioned in our YouTube channel’s description section ( It is still not known when this app will be available on Apple’s app store.


Meta plans to launch its first AR glasses in 2024

We all know that Meta is currently working very hard to stake its claim in the future of augmented reality or Metaverse. As part of this ambition, Meta is all set to launch its first ever AR glasses in 2024. According to reports, Meta also plans to launch second model of its AR glass, which will be much lighters and more advanced than the previous version, in 2026. This will be followed by the launch of a third model in 2028.

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