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Zwift offers users the most realistic Indoor cycling experience by combining it with an online multiplayer gaming platform

Have you ever wondered about doing an Indoor cycling workout and obtaining the same experience as cycling outdoor with your friends? Zwift offers just the same experience by combining indoor cycling along with massive multiplayer gaming platform. Zwfit is more of an indoor cycling software combined with multiplayer gaming platform. Zwift has been operating and managing a huge community of cyclists in the last 2 years which has been growing continuously.

Zwift provides you with specialized hardware and software that helps you perform indoor cycling in a virtual environment and also get the experience of riding along with fellow cyclists in the form of a game. it’s like a turbo trainer game where you hook your trainer along with specialized hardware to your PC, iPhone, iPad or laptop and you can start riding along with other cyclists in a virtual environment.

How it works?

In order to use Zwift, you need a turbo trainer and you can choose from various options available in the market like Tacx Neo Smart or Wahoo Kickr etc. These turbo trainers come along with power meters and adjustable resistance using which they can measure the cycling power output of the users and these signals are transmitted to the Zwift software to provide a virtual riding experience. You can choose your own avatar, the outfits, background environment etc. in the Zwift interface. The Zwift game play will automatically manage the resistance depending on the environment you are riding. For instance, the resistance will be high for uphill riding and will go down during a downhill ride. You can also use your existing trainer by attaching an ANT+ speed sensor to it. They are also about the introduce voice interaction in their software and Zwift iOS will be launched soon for Apple users.

Zwift Indoor cycling
Zwift Indoor cycling

Growing Rapidly:

Zwift combines the aspects of fitness, gaming and social network together. It’s an online cycling community combines along with gaming software. Zwift offers the experience of riding along with your buddies in your favorite scenic location at the comfort of your local gym or home. Zwift has been growing steadily in the last few years and at present there are more than 170,000 registered users with 17,000 followers on Twitter. They also have a huge facebook fan following with more than 100,000 fans.

So far more than 2.5 million rides have been taken and the overall miles ridden accounts to 45 million. Even Mark Zuckerberg has posted that he used Zwift Cycling software at his home to recover from his broken arm.

The Team:

Zwift was founded by a team of 4 members namely Eric Min, Alarik Myrin, Jon Mayfield and Scott Barger. Eric Min is a great visionary and a pack leader of the team. Alarik Myrin is  a technologist, story-teller, master-mechanic and a voracious reader. While Jon Mayfield is a creative head who takes care of the game design and technology behind it, Scott Barger is an Evangelist and Strategist who takes care of sales and marketing. There are plenty of cyclists who are passionate with Zwift and act as brand ambassdors of their product. Jens Voight, Fumy Beppu, Laurens Ten Dam,and Lawson Craddock are some of the popular ambassdors who are also involved in marketing Zwift among cyclists across the globe.

zwift Indoor cycling
zwift Indoor cycling
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