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Zuckerberg Funded Bay Area Hospital Wants to Drop His Name – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 6 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Zuckerberg Funded Bay Area Hospital Wants to Drop His Name, Is It the Beginning of an End?

Zuckerberg Hospital at night
Image Credits: Flickr Steve Rhodes

Zuckerberg funded bay area hospital ‘Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Centre’ want’s to drop the ‘Zuckerberg’ from its name. Following recent scandals, a politician from San Francisco wants the name changed. Zuckerberg reportedly donated $75 million to this hospital. First reported by Business Insider. San Francisco Supervisor Aron Peskin is the man behind this appeal. The recent scandals that have rocked Facebook are certainly a reason behind this proposal. Is it also an indication of things to come for the Facebook founder? Also, earlier this year the nurses from the hospital protested to remove Zuckerberg’s name. Facebook has not responded yet.



 Google Parent Alphabet’s Novel Idea to Eliminate Mosquitoes Worldwide. And the Motive Behind?

A close up a mosquito
Image Credits: Flickr jorge cruz

Silicon Valley researchers at Alphabet’s lab are developing an ingenious way to tackle the problem of mosquitos. They are infecting the male mosquitos with a bacteria which then never allows the mosquitoes offsprings to hatch. According to Alphabet’s researchers, the results so far are promising. If it’s successful then you and I can live a far better life, not worrying about mosquito nets and medicines. But there’s more to it than just eliminating mosquito born diseases. Alphabet and Amazon are targeting the healthcare sector. After conquering our digital world, the tech giants are investing heavily in this sector. If tests at the Alphabet’s labs goes on to prove fruitful, it will pave a new way for the company.



$480 Million Bonanza for Microsoft from the US Army

A participant interacting through the HoloLens
Image Credits: HoloLens Facebook

If the recent stock surge beating of Apple was not good enough for Microsoft, the company has landed a massive deal to deliver 100,000 HoloLens’ to the U.S. Army. According to Bloomberg, The HoloLens is the augmented reality glasses that will enable the troops to better understand the situation and engage before the enemy does. Before this deal, the U.S. and Israeli army were using the lens for training. Now it’s a significant step forward as it will go onto the real battle scene.



UK Funds Tech Firms to End Rural Isolation and Loneliness

Market at Monmouth by the side of shire hall
Image Credits: Flickr Ross Evans

Five small tech firms have been awarded funds of up to £50,000 each for 12 weeks to end the isolation and loneliness among the rural parts of the UK. The most isolated part identified is Monmouthshire. Soon these startups will find innovative ways to connect with the lonely people at these places and help to bring them back to the larger community circle. The plan is to make better use of technology and use it directly for the benefit of the locals.



Instagram Wants to Tap into 285 Million Visually Impaired Users Across the World

Instagram screen capture
Image Credits: Instagram

Instagram has announced that its developing features which will help visually impaired users to have an enhanced experience with the app. Two new improvements in this direction are already live. Both the latest features will help a visually impaired user to listen through the post description as they browse any profile. Instagram has said that this is just the beginning and it will continue to develop more such features in the future.



AWS Launches Managed Blockchain Service and Why?

Blockchain poster
Image Credits: Flickr Blockchain Help

A year ago Amazon wasn’t even considering a blockchain service. But, now it has launched two blockchain services on its cloud platform, AWS. The AWS will now feature two blockchain services, one is Quantum Ledger Database and the other is Managed Blockchain Service. It will support Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric. The shift in its policy regarding blockchain has come due to its users. The company has looked into the needs of its customers and it’s clear that they want services beneficial for dealing with blockchain technology. After the wide acceptance for blockchain from several governments across the world, Amazon has realized that it’s important to foray into this segment as well.


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