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ZilicusPM Review

ZilicusPM is the best online project management tool which addresses the entire gamut of project management. ZilicusPM review is given in this article.

It is no wonder to know that there are thousands of online project management tools available in the market and each one is trying boast about itself as the ‘best-in-the-market’. But what are the actual differentiators for the best project management software?

Most of the so-called online project management tools are nothing but the task management tools. The best project management tool is the one that offers end-to-end solutions i.e. right from Employees to Expenses and Billing.

That’s exactly what ZilicusPM aims to do with its comprehensive project management software. ZilicusPM is the best online project management tool which addresses the entire gamut of project management and it is a complete package as it can handle several independent and interdependent aspects of overall project management.

Users of Zilicus would get access to the following features:

  • Project Management
  • Task Management
  • Issue Management
  • Risk Management
  • Document Management
  • Timesheet Tracking & Employee Leave Management
  • Budget, Expense, Cost and Billing Management
  • Resource Management

To add more value to the above, Zilicus offers following extra services:

  • Google App Integration
  • MS Project Integration
  • Mobile Interface & others services like Email notification, Online Calendar etc.

What is inside of Zilicus PM

Zilicus’s online project management tool is driven by simple yet powerful menus that are very easy to understand and operate. Hereunder are few screenshots with descriptions that lets you know the inside story of Zilicus.

Home Page with Compact, Comprehensive and Bird’s Eye view of information

Home Page with Compact, Comprehensive and Bird’s Eye view of information

What You Can See/Do: Pending Tasks, Task Notes, Discussion Posts, Issues, Risks, Calendar, To-Do List & many more

Robust & Feature-rich Dashboard

Robust & Feature-rich Dashboard

What You Can See/Do: Graphical display of Project Health, Resource Utilization, Tasks, Time lines, Issues, Tasks, Budget & Cost details. You can rearrange the tiles by simply moving to the desired places.

Meaningful & exhaustive Workspace

Meaningful & exhaustive Workspace

What You Can See/Do: Snapshot of individual projects with other vital information like Customer Information, Team Details, Discussion Board, Meeting Manager etc. Another attractive feature is the Project Activities Log that lets the users to see what is happening on each day.

Well defined Timesheets including Billable Activity

Well defined Timesheets including Billable Activity What You Can See/Do: You can view Timesheets, Timesheet approvals, Time off Approvals and Leaves Management. Billable timesheets can be submitted, approved or rejected as per the permissions set as per the role of the user.

Useful, informative and dynamic Reports

Useful, informative and dynamic Reports

What You Can See/Do: Your Expense Statement can be submitted for approvals.

Powerful Admin Module

Powerful Admin Module What You Can See/Do: Add, Edit, Delete or Disable the users and carry the customization for User and/or Project. Organization Settings allow you to configuration of email, calendar, timesheet and expense settings.

Instant Email Notification to Colleagues 

Instant Email Notification to Colleague

What You Can See/Do: Instant alerts can be delivered to the inboxes of the PM users on every update thereby alerting them to take further steps as per the workflow.

Benefits of using ZilicusPM

Zilicus is the name that exactly fits in to the description of good online project management software with its thoughtfully created modules that can bring in accountability and transparency within the employees of the organization.

Users of Zilicus can get much more than a mere task management and by doing so this software shows the exact difference between task management tools and project management tools.

Its user friendly and interactive menu system and navigation can keep the newbie to online PM system happy and thus it has a very sharp learning curve. At the same times its advanced features can entice the experienced users as well.

Thus Zilicus is a complete project management solution for any organization that wants a real, end-to-end project management and not a mere eye-washing kind of task management tools.

Why only Zilicus

The key success of any organization lies in its efficiency of handling the projects and to achieve this one must have comprehensive software that could integrate and collaborate various internal resources. In nutshell, the software should be able to ensure the seamless operation within the company and whichever software could do this can be termed as the best one that has cut above the competition and Zilicus is such perfect online project management software that an organization can rely up on.


An organization can grow only when it combines its people, process and technology to make collaborative efforts towards realizing the organizational goals. If any one of these gives away or falls short of reaching the goal, it may spell doom for the aspirations of the stakeholders. Thus Zilicus can take care of the technology part and hence organizations can focus on people and processes alone.

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