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ZiffyHomes, Transforming Lives with Technology Driven Rental Home Solutions

An average professional spends considerable time of his life travelling from home to office. In India, people travel more than their counterparts in the developed world. Not just it’s a waste of time and resources, it also leads to a stressed and unhealthy way of living. But what if you’re given a chance to change all of that in a ziffy? No, that’s not a spelling mistake, it’s true, ZiffyHomes makes it super convenient for you to travel less and make your life more productive. Say goodbye to those jams, beating down on your happiness with every single passing minute.

ZiffyHomes came alive in the year 2015. The Co-founder and CEO of ZiffyHomes, Sanchal Ranjan along with his friends, Surab Kumar and Salil Agarwal came up with the idea of not just providing rooms on rent but a complete lifestyle solution.

Say hello to a renewed living.

What ZiffyHomes Rental has to Offer?

ZiffyHomes is the culmination of all the hard work that a person go through to rent a house in a metropolitan city. The hurdles and paperwork take a toll on your body. The neverending saga of simple tap fixes to AC repairs takes a considerable chunk out of your peaceful existence. But not anymore as ZiffyHomes uses the latest tech to solve all your rental troubles. The startup is focused on providing you with a 360-degree solution that will take care of everything. Literally!

Image Credits: Sanchal Ranjan Facebook

Using the app you can swiftly review all the available properties, book a visit, like it, and pay online for the tastefully designed rooms with all furniture and amenities. Forget about paperwork, its the archaic way of doing business. In the age of technology-driven solutions, ZiffyHomes is your trusted partner where you just need to swipe on your app and the home is yours to stay.

Once you’re part of Ziffy family, you can stay in touch with its services through the app. You can pay your bills online too. Stay close to your office and live a stable life, a life full of happiness and surprises. This startup promises to offer you not just a home away from home but a rocking bachelors pad, guaranteed. But wait, there’s more to ZiffyHomes. It has no brokerage fee, yes that’s right, no fee to claim your rental property. Also, it comes with the option to transfer from one of its properties to another without frills.

Where’s it Heading?

The company recently made a few acquisitions, which will strengthen its presence in the trade. One is the Noida based FellaHomes and the higher end rental housing startup, Nivaasa. With both these purchases, ZiffyHomes has increased its footprint by at least a thousand more rooms and hundreds of studio apartments in the country.

The tier 1 and tier 2 cities of India have over 12 million houses on rent. That translates into $4.5 billion in an unorganised sector. Hence a tremendous growth opportunity for those who want to tame rental industry.

ZiffyHomes is profusely funded by its angel investors and it also had secured seed funding from Y Combinator during its initial years. Given the current demographic dividend of India, the demand for rental housing is going to go up. And the innovative solutions provided by startups such as ZiffyHomes will play a crucial role in this sector.

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