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Zappyou introduces the first multi-player mobile action game for outdoors

ZappYou is the first of its kind outdoor action game designed for your Android or iPhone where players take out their opponents with help of a “Zapper” which is kind of a virtual laser beam. If you look at most of the Mobile games including the latest Pokemon GO, all of them have an individual game play which does not have any interaction with people. ZappYou aims at creating a mobile game which involves co-operative team play and is designed for outdoor gaming packed with lot of adventure and action. It involves lot of physical activity and will keep the players engaged all the time.

Zappyou game
Zappyou game

Interactive game-play with lot of action:

ZappYou is similar to popular shooting games like Call of duty and is designed for mobile platforms. The important point is that it is designed for outdoor gaming unlike all other mobile games which are mostly of solo effort and played indoors. Players try to zap each other using “Zapper” which is the virtual laser beam. Along with trying to zap their opponents, they can also leave behind “ZappBots” which are enlarged reality objects along the paths of their opponents. Players can rise to higher levels and get better defences and weapons. The can also earn achievement badges and collect many items on their way. Since the gameplay is based on your Mobile which acts as the central control hub, users need not download any special hardware and can start playing by just downloading the game on their phone.

The Team:

 ZappYou is a start-up based out of Amsterdam and is currently headed by Fer Palasthy who is the COO and Co-founder of the company. He has more than 20 years of project management experience and has performed various ICT roles in multinational corporations. Robert Meijer is the co-founder and CTO of the company whose aim was to create a mobile game that involves lot of physical action like walking, running and trying to keep players immersed with lot of fun. He wanted to bring real world engagement into gameplay rather than restricting it to a screen.

Indiegogo Campaign:

The makers of ZappYou have launched an Indiegogo campaign to promote their mobile game to users around the world. The campaign started on Nov 10th, 2016 and will run through Jan 2nd, 2017. Supporters of the campaign will receive an unlimited license for both Alpha and beta versions of ZappYou. They will also receive free updates for just $5. They also have made an association with Dutch National health organization GGD and City of Amsterdam to run a pilot program which is aimed to reduce obesity and promote wellness. Such location-based and augmented reality games are start to gain attraction as cities are trying to make use of public spaces to create more active lifestyles.

ZappYou’ s beta version will be available in Dec 2016 through Google Play and their full version will be first released during 2nd quarter of 2017.


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