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YouTube now a mobile messenger, share videos and messages in-app

YouTube is going to release a new sharing feature in its mobile app. It had previously tested the same feature in select markets. The feature will allow users on Youtube to send videos and chat with friends within the tab in YouTube app. YouTube turning into a mobile messenger is the way forward for the online video streaming giant.

This feature started in Canada as a soft launch and later spread across the Latin America. Following the feedbacks received by YouTube, it decided to launch the feature globally. The global launch will not be visible as of now for all. It will take some time, maybe a couple of days before the complete roll out.

YouTube turning into a mobile messenger

There are slight changes to the YouTube mobile app UI. The company said that it was necessary to include the feature, to add the real-time feed on messaging and replying. YouTube is making sure that users have a seamless experience of sharing their views with others in-app. However, there won’t be any emoji responses. YouTube has limited itself from too much experimentation. Although, YouTube has said that it will launch new add-ons soon.

The idea to include this new feautre inside the app is to make use of social activity surrounding the YouTube website. Sharing of links and chats will add further engagement for the company on its platform. This would restrict the use of other platforms for sharing the videos on YouTube. This step might work in the favour of what YouTube plans to achieve with it. The new feature is an attempt to create an ecosystem of friends and family circle.

The group sharing is possible with up to 30 people. The feature is going to debut on both iOS and Android devices worldwide. YouTube is trying every trick in its box to keep its viewers to its own platform for as long as possible.


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