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YouTube India Rolls Out Fact Check Feature – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


YouTube India Rolls Out Fact Check Feature, Will It Help Avoid Misinformation Effect?

Image Credits: YouTube

YouTube in India has rolled-out fact check feature that will provide information on videos that it considers spreading misinformation to viewers. The video streaming and sharing giant has started this initiative on a small scale. Only a handful of users will see this feature while searching for videos on YouTube. YouTube plans to launch this feature worldwide but has not provided any timeline for the release, so far. YouTube spokesperson said that this feature will come in handy in situations of mass misinformation circulation. For example, the recent tension between India and Pakistan flooded social media with a flurry of propaganda and fake videos. YouTube will take help from third parties to debunk videos on the search results page.



Philadelphia Bans Cashless Stores — A Trend in Making? Bezos Will Hope It Doesn’t

Image Credits: Flickr TheWokingBirches

Refusing to accept cash will cost you a fine of $2000 in Philadelphia. The state has become, after the signing of the law by its mayor, the first big city in the US to ban cashless dealings in stores, according to WSJ. However, it won’t apply to membership stores like Costco or parking lot charges. Credit and debit cards will still be needed for transactions at hotel stays. Interestingly, in Massachusettes, the cashless stores are banned since 1978. The critics have argued that this step of banning cashless stores will take the whole country backwards. The companies working in this sector are surely not pleased.



Elon’s Security Clearance Under Review, Meanwhile, Tesla’s Supercharger Delivers 75 Miles in Just 5 minutes!

Image Credits: Flickr Daniel Oberhaus

Pentagon is still reviewing the Elon’s pot video incidence that occurred on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Because Elon Musk is working with NASA, he’s effectively a Federal level employee of the US government and hence his clearance on a drug test is required. But, it seems that the authorities are taking too long for giving Musk his clearance. Meanwhile, Tesla superchargers have successfully started charging Tesla cars in just 5 minutes for a full 75-mile journey. Additionally, Tesla has also secured lending from Chinese banks for its Gigafactory in China.



Robots are Taking Over Financial Markets, Does a Human Stand a Chance?

Image Credits: Flickr Ma_Co2013

According to the latest report by Bloomberg, robots have already taken over the stock market trading and are now increasingly taking over the bond and currency markets. The US treasury market alone is $22 trillion, while the foreign exchange market capitalisation is $5.1 trillion per day. Soon all these financial markets will operate under the watchful eyes of not humans but electronic systems controlled and regulated by robots. Currently, 90% of equity trade is done electronically, and the rest of the markets are catching up. Humans are becoming redundant and will lose out completely to automation.



India Wants to Become a Global Hub for EV Battery Manufacturing, Can It Do It?

Image Credits: Flickr edgoldstein007

The Indian government is aiming for making India a global hub for electronic vehicle battery manufacturing. It has passed the ‘National Mission on Transformative Mobility and Battery Storage’ bill to this effect. Currently, the countries leading the pack are China, Japan, South Korea, and Thailand. Under the scheme, the government will work closely with the companies to make this mission possible and increase employment opportunities as well.

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