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Have A Story to Tell With Photos ? You Need “YouTellYou”

This article is about youtellyou event sharing with photo.YouTellYou is a Crowd-sourced Photo-story magazine where we can publish Photo-stories.

Most of the recent trends on web are strongly pointing towards a Social Web. With latest Social Media frenzy, propelled by Youtube, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter etc, it’s evident that all of us love socializing on web and almost addicted to sharing stuff on web.

And we’re sharing almost everything on web today. From family photos to touring videos to anything else that we feel worth sharing amongst our friends. But it often happens that the photos we share describe some event, incident, basically a story and mere uploading of pictures doesn’t feel enough to us and leaves those moments undescribed.

If that’s exactly what you miss when you share your photos on web, you’ve just got a disprin right here..Meet YouTellYou

YouTellYou is a Crowd-sourced Photo-story magazine where users can create and publish Photo-stories(stories described with Photos and text) within no time, by either importing photos from Facebook, Flickr or Smugmug accounts or directly uploading them on YouTellYou from the desktop itself.

The website takes the user through a simplified UI wherein user keeps importing/uploading photos and adds associated text with the photo to describe different parts of the whole story or event. At the end, one gets a final result in the form of a sequentially organized webpage that describes the whole story with pics and text.

As most of the times, we click mutiple pics of any event, say party, excursion, adventure tour, family events etc, you will find it lot more fun, sharing a easy-to-produce webpage that ties together all the pics along with explanatory text and describes the whole story.

Let’s talk about our worrying concerns with YouTellYou now. The primary motive of sharing personal photos on the web is to share memories with friends. That’s the reason why social networks account for majority of online photo sharing today. Now, YouTellYou is a standalone service(not a social network) which has to be used explicitly, for creating Photo-stories. We think, it could be much comfortable for users if users could have YouTellYou application on Facebook itself (and other social networks as well) rather than using YouTellYou separately for generating Photo-stories and sharing them afterwards.

As it’s basically about Photos and stories, YouTellYou can also come up with an iPhone or Android app, enabling users to take the pics via mobile phone, add little complementary text and generate an instant Photo-story, ready to be shared among family and friends.

Just like YouTellYou, there are plenty of web services that do creative stuff with Photos such as Youtego, which we recently reviewed(that’s a whole interest-based social network using photos) but the biggest challenge for them lies in gathering the initial userbase(the biggest reward), to capitalize further with more ease.

With a considerable userbase, YouTellYou could do a lot more creative stuff, for instance, associating people having a similar photo-story, and stuff like that. They probably need to introduce more features for involving and engaging users in a better manner.

We loved different ways that YouTellYou offers, for generating Photo-stories, especially via mobile phone and email. Catch up with this introductory video about YouTellYou for more info.

Go, give YouTellYou a shot !

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