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You’re Possibly an Injection Away from Attaining Super Human Vision – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Your Possibly an Injection Away from Attaining Super Human Vision, Will You Take It?

Image Credits: Flickr Tim Malabuyo

In a recent experiment, conducted by the University of Science and Technology of China, mice were injected with nanotech particles that gave it infrared vision. Tian Xue, the scientist behind this experiment explains that it’s like injecting rodents with several night-vision goggles that give them the ability to respond to infrared light. Not many animals can naturally see in the infrared wavelength and humans don’t possess this ability. The technology is far from mass production and is yet to achieve the level of an animal with the natural ability to see in infrared. But, the recent success with mice has opened up new frontiers for optogenetics and might soon catch up with humans.



Tesla Launches $35,000 Model and Might Sell Online Only, What’s the Reason?

Image Credits: Flickr harry_nl

It seems that despite the recent performance of its Tesla Model 3 resulting being the number one selling car in the luxury segment, the electric car maker isn’t going strong with its financials. A good indicator is its decision to sell online only and closing most of its stores. The company will lay off some of its retail employees as well. Although Tesla will close stores, it will prop up many service centres. Also, Tesla has started selling its baby Tesla model for $35000. Tesla announced this on its blog mentioning that it will sell online worldwide.



You can Buy FBI Smartphone Hacking Tool on eBay and It’s Dirt Cheap too!

Image Credits: Flickr Drunk Photographer

The FBI uses a special kind of technology to hack into smartphones and you can now buy these on eBay, making them not so special, after all. But it will do the trick for you. Pay as low as $100 and take home an FBI graded smartphone hack tool. These units are called Cellebrite Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED) and a new one sells for $15000, but used devices are selling for dirt cheap on eBay.



Your Insta Account Isn’t Safe, Many Lose Account Access Forever


According to TrendMicro, hackers from Turkey are targeting accounts that have followers ranging anywhere from 5,000 to 70,000. Once you lose your account to these hackers, they extort money and sometimes even ask for nude pics. And still, don’t let go of the stolen account. The attackers are targeting the insta profiles through phishing techniques. Be careful with your insta profiles as many, including celebrities, have lost their Instagram account to these hackers.



IPO Bonazza for Uber and Lyft Drivers, There’s a Chance That They Too can Participate

Image Credits: Flickr Adam Fagen

The disgruntled drivers of the ride-hailing app companies can finally have a ray of hope as both Uber and Lyft might give a chance for its drivers to participate in the upcoming IPO. The rift that was created between the company and the drivers has led to this possibility. But not all is that straight forward as the drivers are contractors and that makes them ineligible for stock options. However, Uber, in a letter, had asked the SEC for making an exception for the drivers to have benefits out of the IPO. Even though the amount will be small, but they will feel being a part of it and that according to Uber, makes a big difference.


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