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You Can Now Import Data to Excel by Photographing It – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!

You Can Now Import Data to Excel by Photographing It, Will It Increase Productivity?

Image Credits: Microsoft website

Last month, Microsoft came out with several updates for its Office Suite. One of the interesting or hugely practical is the introduction of adding data to excel by simply taking a picture of it and uploading it to Excel. Using the app on your Android device, you can open the excel app and take the picture of the data you want to add and edit on Excel. After taking the picture, you can edit it and target only that area from where you want to use the data. Currently, you can use this feature on Android only. iOS update will happen soon. This latest feature, according to Microsoft, will eliminate manual labour of entering data into Excel.



Google Won’t Remove Saudi Gov’s ‘Women Controlling’ App, But Why?

Image Credits: Dailymail

Google in a briefing has refused to remove women controlling app by Saudi government called Absher. The app lets a Saudi husband track and even limit the movement of his wife or wives. The app has been highly criticized and still, Google has refused to bog down to pressure. Whereas, Apple is yet come out with its decision on this app. Google so far has refused to comment on the app. It seems that Saudi Arabia’s current geopolitical standing is affecting the decisions of some of the major tech giants.



Elon Musk’s Roadster is Circling the Sun, Meanwhile, in a First, SpaceX Capsule Docks to Space Station

Image Credits: Tesla
Image Credits: SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule

Last year in Feb, Elon Musk had sent his $100k Tesla Roadster into the neverending depth of the space. The car has now travelled more than any other car on earth without even burning any fuel. The car was launched into space inside one of the most powerful rockets, the SpaceX Falcon Heavy. Meanwhile, in another instance, the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule has successfully docked with the International Space Station for the first time. There wasn’t a human crew member on board, but a dummy had sensors to record every info that will help with real human launches in the future. This time the capsule has delivered 400 pounds of supplies for the astronauts. Another significant development is that this time no robotic arm was used for docking the capsule to ISS.



Explosive! Facebook Threatening Lawmakers Across the Globe, Including India, Against Data Privacy Laws, Who’s Winning?

Image Credits: Flickr HarvardCPL

Through the latest Facebook internal documents, it has been revealed that Facebook heavily lobbied against privacy laws across the globe. It even went so far to threaten lawmakers and telling them that it will withhold its investment plans in their country. The countries include India, the US, the UK, Argentina, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brazil, and 28 other states of the EU. It seems, for now, the tech giants have an upper hand in this data privacy tussle.



Instagram a Hunting Ground for Child Groomers, How Serious Is It?

Image Credits: Flickr Thomas Norsted

Instagram is becoming the favourite hunting ground for child groomers. In research conducted by National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), it has been revealed that out of 1944 cases of groomers in the UK, more than 22% occurred on the Instagram platform. It makes it the most sought after social media space for such activities. In terms of child predatory behaviours by users, Instagram leads the pack with 32%, while Facebook and Snapchat are behind with 23% and 14% each.


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