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Yet Another Tesla Catches Fire – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Yet Another Tesla Catches Fire, Is There a Pattern?

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This isn’t the first case of a Tesla electric car catching fire. But what is more strange is that the car is catching fire while it’s in a stationary position. In the latest instance, a Tesla Model S caught fire at a supercharging station in Antwerp, Belgium. The whole car got melted down to its base. Before this, Tesla was reported burning inside a car parking in Hong Kong. Is there a pattern here? And is Tesla not doing enough for the safety of its buyers? It seems we need to wait until further investigations are made. Link.



Don’t Use Tinder When in Russia

The Russian government is forcing the dating app Tinder to give its users data to the Russian secret service, according to reports. A total of 175 online services are on target requiring to share the data on demand with the Russian authorities. Most of them are regional small websites based in Russia. Link.



Will 5G Create An E-Waste Bubble?

According to experts, 5G is going to create a bubble of e-waste that will become a mess to clean up. Once, 5G technology takes over the world, there’ll be a massive stack of obsolete electronic products that will become useless. Finding a solution for this latest threat of e-waste is the next herculean task, yet to be resolved. Link.



Huawei Ditches Reports of Its Mobile Production Cut-Down

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Huwaei has refuted claims that it has cut-down its mobile production after the US crackdown. According to sources at Foxconn, Huawei production lines were brought down in half after Google had cancelled its Android license for the mobile maker. Huwaei, however, has refuted the claims. Link.



Google Will Reveal Everything About Its Cloud Gaming Platform Soon

Within a week Google will reveal everything about its cloud gaming platform, Stadia. Many had speculated that this new launch will make console gaming obsolete. Stay tuned for the updates. Link.


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