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“It’s time for some rest”….Yang will be stepping down as CEO

Jerry yang will soon be stepping down as CEO and the search for the Yahoo new CEO is already ON.

The hottest news in internet industry at the moment is about Yahoo’s CEO.Jerry yang will soon be stepping down as CEO and the search for the Yahoo’s new CEO is already ON.

Yang will get restored to his earlier position of Chief Yahoo! and will keep serving as a part of board of directors.You may call it a bad news for Yang but the market seems to be taking it otherwise.There has been a significant rise in Yahoo’s share price with over 10% jump,next day after the this news broke out.

There are no two ways about the fact that Yahoo! is in serious trouble and Yang’s last hope got crushed by Google recently.So,there was hardly any other option left for Yang and therefore this decision came out.

And now the search of the “New CEO” is bang on !

And i suspect that the market will behave quite proactively over the new CEO.If the new CEO fits into market’s perceptions,his appointment as the CEO will probably trigger another billion dollars added to the company’s net market worth.

Also,Microsoft’s deal to acquire Yahoo! might get in talks again.But Microsoft must be really happy this moment as they will save tens of billions of dollars as the new price for Yahoo! will be much lower than the earlier valued price of $45 Bn.

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