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‘Yaaze’ makes Job search more ‘Local’ and ‘Social’ !

yaazeIn this article we will tell you about yaaze local job search as Yaaze is a local job search portal that lets users find job opportunities in their vicinity.

Yaaze is an online employment and social networking platform that uses web 2.0 technology to connect members of a community via the one-of-its kind ‘zip code powered search’.

At Yaaze, job seekers can sign up for free, upload an unlimited amount of photos, post their resume, skills, education,location, salary requirements AND availability,thus making the employee search process extremely easy for employers looking to hire freelancers,short-term or part


time staff.This saves job seeker’s time spent in browsing job listings that are vague and unfitting and it also saves employer’s time seeking staff that’s qualified or available to work at the desired time & place.

As the site serves the concept of ‘Job Searching’ with a social angle in mind,its members are able to actually interact with one another & the communities over Yaaze are growing quite well.The site has been architectured in such a way that members will soon be able to see the networks of ‘who is working where’ & ‘when as well as what staff a business employs/has employed in the past’.One thing that makes Yaaze more unique is the variety and ‘local’ nature of jobs being listed.Whether it is a plumber in your area, a coat check attendant for your event or a graphic designer for your website… all are supposed to be listed at Yaaze.


Business owners may find it handy to replace their staff instantaneously in case of any emergency & on the other side,home owners may be able to find utility specialists right around the corner using Yaaze.Classifieds will also be added to the site so that people in a community may advertise according to their needs.In short, endeavours to be the ‘one stop shop for local job search’.

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