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XBOX Games For Windows 8

Windows is combining with the XBOX and will be offering XBOX games for Windows 8. A feature that will be coming in-built with Windows 8.

Windows games are something that everybody tends to like since the very beginning. Most of us still remember staying glued to our computers while playing Solitaire or Minesweeper in those good old days.

Though there have not been many changes in Windows games since Windows 98 till Windows 7 but with Windows 8, Microsoft has thought of blending two of its brand names into one. It is combining Windows with the XBOX and will be offering something called ‘XBOX Games for Windows 8’, a feature that will be coming in-built with Windows 8. This will be the new moniker for every game title that will be launched for Windows 8 platform, be it Mobile or Tab or PC. This will supposedly be an entirely different sphere as compared to the already existing games for the Windows Live service. has reported to find some leads to three of the most popular Windows games including Solitaire, Minesweeper and Mahjong that comes pre-loaded on Windows since ages. It has also disclosed that all the three games will be bearing the XBOX branding for Windows this time.

These games used to be very sober and were not liked much earlier. But this time, XBOX games for Windows 8 seems to have many features of the XBOX Branding itself. To name a few are Achievements, Game Profiles and Avatars. Achievements being the most anticipated feature yet.

Mahjong comes with 3 Achievements worth 25 Game score, Solitaire will be having 3 Achievements worth 40 Game score and Minesweeper spreads across 4 Achievements worth 50 Game score.

Besides covering games from the Windows Store, XBOX games on Windows 8 will also showcases many games which have already been released for the XBOX Live Arcade like the Rocket Riot and Ms. Splosion Man. Though it does not seems to replace the games for Windows Live label which already exist.  Achievements for Windows 8 were a sort of necessity since this time Windows are fully compatible with XBOX Live and Microsoft’s very new SmartGlass system.


Gabe Newell, CEO Valve, reportedly said that the new Windows OS has been a ‘catastrophe’ for games. He said that till now it was never been emphasized that gaming is a vital point which effects the consumers’ choice of the OS. He added that the problem which has deteriorated the popularity of Linux is games. He also said that they are trying to make it possible to port as many as 2500 games on Linux based OS. He said that one of the top reasons that they will be going to lose their OEM and other software partners will be the negligence towards gaming needs.

The branding is supposed to cover both ‘Free and Paid’ games that will be exclusive only for Windows 8. Solitaire, Minesweeper and Mahjong will be apparently delivering 50 game scores each without having to spend even a single penny as long as you have a fresh installation of Windows 8 or a device that comes with Windows 8 pre-installed. So as the time of official launch of Windows 8 is coming soon, more and more goodies are getting planned by Microsoft for its consumers. This one seems to be a heaven for the gamers.

But this gives rise to a lot of questions. Will this marketing strategy make the Windows more popular? Will it be easier for those who are novice at the gaming arena? Or it will make things even more confusing and complicated? Only the release of Windows 8 can answer all the questions. Till then all the gamers will be craving to have their hands on XBOX feel on the dearest Windows platform.


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