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Wisheo lets you gift collaboratively !

Wisheo lets you  gift collaboratively and allows people in an easy way to pool their money together and buy gifts

Web apps have made our lives quite easy(and fun).Here’s another such web service(they have their app on facebook as well) that makes it quite easy for you to organize group gifts and wishlists online.The service we are talking about is Wisheo.

Wisheo takes a new innovative approach to group gifts and wishlists.Its unique approach enables people to give or receive a few good gifts instead of many “unwanted” gifts.Users can setup group gifts and wishlists for special occasions and have multiple people contribute towards the same gift.

It allows people in an easy and fun way to pool their money together and buy awesome gifts. It seems a good solution for eliminating usual hassles with organizing group gifts including the hassle of sending emails back and forth and collecting all the contributions.

This San Jose,California based startup has been co-founded by Stefan Pongratz, Matthias Zeitler, Benjamin Bigaut.

In their own words

People can setup and organize group gifts for their friends, invite friends to participate, collect contributions via Paypal, and buy the gifts. Wisheo also allows users to setup wishlists for themselves. In contrast to generic wishlist services, Wisheo enables multiple people to fund the wishlist

As Christmas is just a couple of weeks away,Wisheo will pick some quick speed this festive season.

What’s unique about it !

Traditional wishlist sites allow users to setup a wishlist but it is not possible for multiple people to contribute towards one gift.Simliarly,traditional group gift sites allow users to setup and suggest a group gift, but there is no way for the organizer to collect all the contributions and keep track of everything.Wisheo integrates all these services quite seamlessly.

Our take

The idea of seamlessly integrating unlinked areas for group gifts and wishlists is quite innovative in its own self.And Wisheo seams to have done justice to this idea.User experience is one of its pros as well.

But one of their tough challenges will be to secure a notable place out of numerous Facebook apps in a consistent manner.Once they secure a notable place there,their userbase will rise exponentially(because social networks like Facebook are one of the most appropriate places where services like Wisheo can create a viral effect.

They also need to create Wisheo’s apps for other social networks as well(if they haven’t done for any of the major one).

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