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Get Windows 8 Upgrade for Just $14.99 if you buy a Windows 7 PC Now.

Here’s the Windows 8 upgrade offer for Windows 7 PC buyers. Here’s the description:

Since the developer preview of Windows 8 was released there were a lot of rumors going around, about the availability, features and what not. But out of all these speculations, one of the recent rumors has turned out to be true. Word on the internet was that Microsoft would bring up an upgrade scheme for users who purchase Windows 7 on dates close to the release of Windows 8. This news has been confirmed as Microsoft has revealed all the details of this scheme.

Microsoft has stated in the deal that starting June 2, all users who purchase devices with Windows 7 pre-installed will get an upgrade to the upcoming version of Windows, i.e. Windows 8 for only $14.99. This scheme will be applicable in 131 markets worldwide including the USA, Australia, Canada, China, India and South Africa.

To be eligible under this scheme, the user must have purchased Windows 7 based device with the
following versions:

  1. Windows 7 Home Basic
  2. Windows 7 Home Premium
  3. Windows 7 Professional
  4. Windows 7 Ultimate

Only those users will be eligible for this upgrade scheme who buy the PC starting June 2nd, 2012 and before January 31st, 2013. The last day to register for this upgrade scheme will be February 28 th, 2013. This scheme will allow the users to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro, which is the best retail version of Windows 8.

Microsoft has also stated that though the upgrade is only available to customers satisfying the above condition but the upgrade version of Windows, i.e. Windows 8, may be installed on any other PC with a valid base license for a “qualifying operating system”. These qualifying operating systems include Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Microsoft had brought up a similar scheme when Windows 7 was launched. Seeing the success of that scheme Microsoft decided to do the same with Windows 8. Meanwhile, Microsoft has asked its customers to stay tuned for many more offers, as it said this is “one of the many offers it is going to roll out” with the general availability of Windows 8.

Customers who are eligible for this offer will be able to download their upgrade as soon as Windows 8 becomes available in their market. Microsoft has also hinted that Windows 8 will be released in October.

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