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Windows 8 Ready For OEMs

Windows 8 ready for OEMs. Microsoft team shared on their blog that they are proud to share what they started a short ago to the computer OEM manufactures.

The most anticipated Windows by Microsoft, Windows 8 will soon be available to all the computer manufacturers and software companies across the globe. Microsoft has already announced that it has finally completed its product development and testing for Windows 8 and will soon be releasing it for the general masses. Microsoft engineering team shared on their blog that they are proud to share what they started a short ago to the computer OEM manufacturers. They also said that the next generation Windows will be available to the fresh PC models which will be launched in near future and Windows 8 will also be available online by October 26, 2012.

This final step is named as ‘release to manufacturing’ which marks that the computer manufacturers can now have their hands on the official version, released by Microsoft, of Windows 8 and can use them in the devices developed by them.

From October 26, 2012 it will be available via retail or it may come pre-loaded in the tabs and PCs. Customers, whose devices are still running on the earlier version of Windows need not worry as they will have an upgrade option available through which they can have the latest version of Windows by paying an amount of $ 39.99. Microsoft has also come up with a new upgrade offer only for those customers who have bought or will buy their PCs in between the time window of June 2, 2012 to Jan 31, 2013, and if their devices run on the earlier version that is Windows 7, they can upgrade to Windows 8 by just paying an amount of $ 14.99.

Well, there is another good news for the entire tech savvy community out there. Word on the internet is that the most anticipated tablet form Microsoft, ‘The Microsoft Surface’ will also be open to sales the same day when the sales of Windows 8 will be started by the company, that is October 26, 2012.

As the Windows users worldwide have been using Windows 95 styled interface for the past 17 years, with Windows 8 Microsoft showcases the most significant changes done by it in a single Operating System of theirs, be it the Metro User Interface or the cross platform functionality, Windows 8 is fully loaded with features which will bring out a new way of seeing the inside of our devices, literally through the ‘Window’

While there is a huge excitement among the consumers and techies regarding Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface, Microsoft has really high hopes with Windows 8. Microsoft expects that the latest releases will allow them to regain the techno ground across the globe, especially in mobile computing which is, at present, dominated by the Apple’s iOS and the Google’s Android operating system. So one can say, Microsoft has much in store for its consumers for future years.


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